Tuesday, December 4, 2007


i return home in triumph! finally finally finally all is over! excitement filled my heart now!
yeah throwing those books away feel so good but.. a little bit sieh bat tak..
the books had followed me one or two years already.
i intend to throw allllllll the booksssss but in vain.. =/
i'm still keeping a few books since i'm still loving them.

my LOVELY book

say bye bye to biology. i don't understand why have we study this subject? though i learn many things through this subject, i still don't like it too much. it's interesting actually, yet too hard to score i think.

Julia ialah seorang yang..........?? i study bahasa melayu for more than 10years already. but!! i've to throw away all the books! sakit hati!! thinking that how much i paid for the tuition fee.. i seem like throwing all the money to the rubbish bin! use shieldtox to spray it before throwing away. seriously, it's hazard =/

pity exercises.. i'm sorry that i've to throw u alllll away! say bye bye to form5 say bye bye to PCGHS..

This is what we called "study until run fire"


ben'|oon said...

siao lala~

saix_ysy said...

apa laaaaa

Memoriess.. said...

saix.. you gila d.. but i like your run fire mia pict.. hahahzx.. ngam u..~!

saix_ysy said...

hahaha gam sia ahhaha

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