Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Queensbay Mall

19 Dec 2007

After blogging, I phoned Shu Ling.

"Wei. Where are u?"
"At office. Too bored?"
"Ya la.. Decide to have a girl talk to u. But.. Suak already.."
"I'm going to Queensbay later. Want to go?"
"Oh! Great! With who?"
"Ai Mun. have u watch Enchanted?"
"Not yet. cool! Let go! see u later!"

Having lunch quickly, I went to consult doctor (for what? secret) then went to Queensbay directly.

Seriously, Enchanted is a really an awesome movie! But.. Shu Ling just felt that it was so so la.

Actually i don't want to write blog about today. BUT BUT BUT i was compelled to write since Shu Ling and Ai Mun FORCED me to post up ALL the pictures we took.

Took my dinner in Kenny Rodger after the movie. Solely me ate the meal.. They watched me ate =)
My phone got so many viruses as they were snapping lots of pictures using my phone.
Are u ok My Lovely Phone? did u hurt?

My Dinner! I enjoy eating soooooo much~!

ho jiakkkkk!!

eat it!

Shu Ling . Ai Mun

Shu Ling

Ai Munme . SL
me . AM


espied ghost!

Finished my dinner at last. Where were we going next? guess what is their replied? TOILET! for what? snap photo...............
tian ah

Ling . Ying . Mun

Mun . Ling . Ying



No more pictures. I had to rush to U-Height. It's a place for Christian activities. Leave at 7.10pm. The road was having a terrible, horrible and vegetable traffic jam.

One day passed again...........


ForlornBrat [heng dai] said...

an afternoon n nite only oso nit 2 blog!!
hahha..u r reli reli free n lk 2 take pic huh~!!
i haf no such chance..
cuz..nw tak ada camera~~!!zzz
wahahhaa..2moro nit 2 go church again?

saix_ysy said...

i keat one maa..
hahaha 2molo gotta to church!
i'm not going to forget the the practice again!

ForlornBrat [heng dai] said...

oopss.. u mean da drama practice??
haha..dun ki mang jang n so kek dong in makna can adi..
ltr gastric again nit 2 take surgery adi..