Tuesday, January 29, 2008

happy birthday Chi Kai

Went to Faces with ca and zy. MAKAN what chicken I don't know since I only knew I was almost dying from starvation. haha. 4 of chi kai's friends study in Disted! we're schoolmate! =]
Chi Kai with his birthday cake

ck's present from zy
chio si lang this present
sze yee . chi kai (before)

AFTER blowing cake!

the cake destroyed by ck's FACE since we were in Faces

Proceeded to beach to celebrate 2nd time of his birthday.

2nd birthday cake of ck

makan makan makan!

I eat "Sand Cake"


nice pose huh
from top: yiaw joe, ah lye, en shi, zhen yi
from bottom: triple K, chi kai, en, lyk

Went back at eleven something. Cannot be too late since I still have class at 8am.. zzz



battle Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with Brendon.
long time didn't play. But I still think that I'm PRO!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Different Style of Writing Blog Today.
7.30am went to gym.
8.30am breakfast with bro.
9.30am little cousin came my house.
11.00am GauHwang find me and I took disc for him.
online. listen song. find information for assignment of moral.
3.00pm went Sunshine Farlim buying drinks with little cousin.
fool around with her.
stole promoter's bak kua.
saw Jia Yik and Jun Xian. They compelled me to buy hamper. Who furnishes cash?
3.55pm sped to Segafredo in Gurney to meet ShuLing, EeLyn and Florence.
I lost my way since I don't know Segafredo is just beside Starbuck.
Find Lyk for help. But he didn't help anything as he was busy serving customers.
Discussed our coursework, our presentation and our assignments in Segafredo.
Surprised to see Ah Beh works there.
7.00pm strolled in mall. Met Ken in F.O.S coincidentally.
Took dinner in food court.
8.30pm drove HOME~

me . Florence . EeLyn
Little cousin



Friday, January 25, 2008


noted here SZE YEE!!! same same same!! somebody sent me too. same signature! Chi kek chi kek hahahaha

This clip taken yesterday when Carine failed to open my house door. Quite sweat la..

HuiHong's birthday

Caren and me decided to make a birthday "party" for HuiHong (HH). We proceeded to basketball court (my dream and favourite place) where near three of our houses with cake and drinks. We wanted to fool her by using public telephone asking her came out to give her a great surprise. But guess what.. the public phone damaged!!! GAME OVER!! not fun~

Malaysia public telephone

We prepared our "party" after HH came. Though it was a simple and tiny party but I do really enjoy it. I deemed that HH did too.

process of preparing
*covering face*
nice cake. the most important thing is IT IS DELICIOUS!
my saliva was flowing out like water tap~

Make A Wish!
cut cut cut eat eat eat

Enjoyable time. EATTTT
hApPy bIrthdAy hui hong!
She gave a smug smile.

We met Kevin when he was on his way back. he brought his hamsters! wowww so cute and adorable!

so cute!

分分 合合
Played with hamsters

Still starve. Is meat of hamster taste good?
Hamster revenged

Strode to my house and have a girl-chatted. Talked about college life and rubbish. I narrated a ghost story too. Caren's house is a little bit far from my house. I decided to fetch her and HH home yet got two cars blocked my way. The pit pat of rain made me had a notion to walk back with them. We strolled in the rain with umbrella and snapped some pictures.

green umbrella: Hui Hong
red umbrella: Caren
photographer: Shi Ying aka me

This picture taken without any effects.
Nice shot of HuiHong
green umbrella: Shi Ying
red umbrella: Caren
photographer: Hui Hong

I accompanied Caren back then followed by Hui Hong. I waded home alone with 3 umbrellas in the rain. So wei da leh..

I'm brave to walk through this lorong alone. =D

once again, happy birthday Hui Hong. hope u enjoy these and remember perpetually in your life.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Had a math lesson for the second period. Ate koko krunch in class. You know lah.. I cannot live without FOOD.

Greedy me

Imitate KoKo Krunch

Eating or Studying?

If I saw in secondary school. the class will kena hukum RM10.. whaha

hand cut =(
Went to General lab to search some ESL points but was to no avail. End up i chatted with friend in the lab. Saw BenJoon there and I told him he wears like TK.. mean tu kao.. hahaha.. He gave me a smug smile and rebuked me bad word. u good huh.. After class dismissed, my bro fetched Brendon and me then we proceeded to Christian fellowship directly.

long green dragon. traffic jam. Too many people danced already. Thaipusim what
Brendon vs BrotherSun or Moon? If u have to think mean you're nerd~
We espied a nice number plate. 8888. wait what? go buy Toto la!

We had our burgers as dinner in car

Bro's meal

Waaaa.. Small mouth Brendon has.

We reached at 7am and started our worship.

Karen mad jor
Bass's system

Hui Hong will be shrieking to see this picture. She wants to learn bass so much.
Kevin is an expert musician. He has a band name "Knee Brain".

Since Kevin's band is "Knee Brain", my bro create a band after that. The three persons shown in pictures below is "Ankle Toe". sipek sweat!

Guitarist - Chris

Brendon kek sai. Pro guitarist
"Hiao" Brother. Shuai huh!
he played chimpae.
look alike with me?

We back at about 10pm. Raced car with Chris and Brendon. don't play on road la!
Chris and Brendon were inside the car.Too dark though