Friday, February 29, 2008


3 WEEKS!!!!!

oh yeah?

oh no!!!!

THREE WEEKS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!!!?

3 weeks??!?!?!!?!?!!

TIGA MINGGU?!?!??!?!!?!?

NOH LEH BAI?!!?!!??!?!???!?!?


THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kill me!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008




Tuesday, February 26, 2008

27 FEB 2008 (innacurate date of post again)

All is about yesterday....... (27 Feb 2008)
Wan Ting phoned me and asked me to go out for dinner
with my dearly cousin, Mincci =D.
That time I just finished my meal.
Actually I was sooo lazy to go out since
I was wearing pajamas
and ass was sticked on the chair watching television.
Yet I was still brimful and excited to see them!
There have been ages I met Wan Ting.
I scurried to change my cloth and prepared everything
waiting Mincci Jie Jie (I'm always so respectful)
came and fetch me.
Then we proceeded to Northam Beach Cafe.
Tattled with them happily.
yeah.. I heard of many stories of them!
Felt amazed to their stories.
I had defeated (hehe jkjk).

Wan Ting. Me

Mincci Jie Jie.ME

Ah! Mincci Jie Jie told me something that
made my mouth aghast.
What can I say is SO WASTED!!!!!
Hard to deem it but what can I do?
Everything had passed three years ago.
Time flies relentlessly.
Frankly, shock gripped me!
Till now.. questions are still swarming my mind..
kenapa begitu...?!! kenapa tak cakap pada masa itu!?!?

Cousins. Stop saying you're fat. =D
She's the one who same birthday date and month with me. =)

Went back around 10.30pm.
Yeah my eyes shone with glee.
Nice chat with them.
We chatted for almost 2 hours more.
Lots of stories and reminiscences of us to share out.

Gonna miss you both!

pls' : Mrs siao gia YEE SZE YEE! you're not forgotten! ca-saix-hu endless relationship!
pls'' : Good luck to Joon in Biology test today and car test tomorrow!
pls''' : My shoulder is pain as carrying the drum last two days. pain but sweet?
pls'''': Finger is bruise too. Worth?
pls''''': I'm feeling well as I have made my decision......


Secret For Life..

The previous post is just for fun. No worries..
Believe it or not? Up to you!
get shocked? it's all surprise!
Deceived by a trickery like me? I've no idea as.....

Words to Best Buddies:
mrs. Ong ps:
Solely you understand my feeling.
cheer together.
mrs. Leong hh:
Heard enough "KILL ME" from me?
to be continue tomorrow.
=D thanks..
mrs. Eoh sl:
Thanks for letting me to share my words with you.
mr. 沈 sw:
mr. Quah bj:
Thanks for the entertainment today
although the clip is quite lame.
mr. Kong zy:
I'm going to box you if...... =D
anyway thanks..
mr. Chai gh:
In Penang can't watch any stars.
Thanks for concerning.


Monday, February 25, 2008

KILL ME!!!!!!!!!! ='(


KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WANT TO EXPLORE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I ate spicy food for one week and somebody gave me DURIAN to eat. I hate DURIAN!!! ='(

Conversation between bro and me:

lu ho bo?
(how are u?)
aiyo.. zhe leh toh mm si sat luin..
(aiyo.. this is not considered heartbroken ending)
KILL ME!!! ='(
(KILL ME!!!)
lai lai lai.. lu ki gia jit leh toh lai wa kill lu.
(come on.. u take knife for me and I'll kill you)
kill me.... ='(
(kill me....)
zhe leh ko ho bo..? lu giu wa kill lu wa toh kill lu
(Nice or not to have this kind of bro.. I obey you to kill you)

What is this?
oh yeah?
oh no?
oh I don't know.

hahaha let laugh with me! ='(
say yo (YO)
say yeah (YEAH)
say wha haha!(WHA HAHA)
Omen of being insane...... ='(

I hurled a big stone
I darted in the field of Hamikhan School
I screeched as loud as I can to relieve my exasperation
I broke my another watch

I had been hit by drumstick
I wish everything will be okay after

But at last, I grinned when beating drum with
Zhong Hern
"Ning" Sheng

I appreciate it..

Thursday, February 21, 2008


BERITA TERKINI 21 Feb 2008 di Disted Stamford College
Yeap Shi Ying telah menembung satu kemalangan hari ini. kesian-nya. Semuanya adalah kesalahan QUAH BEN JOON!!! Dia lah! Dia yang menyebabkan kemalangan ini berlaku. Dia telah bunuh "seorang" dan "orang" ini sudah mati!!!! Dia ni orang jahat orang kanasai orang gila.
(don't kill me after seeing this =D ).

Had a fight with him before Mathematics class. I'm a demure girl so I just used my hands to fight but not with my legs. I was wearing my peculiar and beloved watch. When the fight began, BJ protected himself with his "hard steel" hand. Then. My watch damaged. ='( The glass of my watch was broken. All is his fault!! He's the MURDERER!!!!! We muzzled when saw the glass broken and we looked at our own hands. bj's hand was bleeding. And we were like tittering and laughing. I giggled a while and noticed my hand got hurt too.

See!! MY HAND!!!! GET HURT!!!! a BIG spot! SPOILED!!

BJ' got hurt more serious than me


Anyone want to see the victim?

Anyone want to see the corpse?

Are you ready?

You will be feeling very scary to see it!


Okay! Here We Go!


copyright from Death Note

That group wore in black color

Once again. We are 白白一家族
erm.. we did not pakat. It's all coincident!

During break time, went out for lunch with sl, ca, joon, hh, bj and yc in Poly.

This clip taken during bj drove his car. It isn't very interesting though. You can see a blur vision and hear a shriek from me twice. Why? The stupid driver is learning Jay Chou to 飘移 in Initial D when turning corner. chap! don't think that is Yeng man since no one can even Yeng than me =D . The car behind us is belonging to sl. This blithering idiot bj was purposely driving OVER slow and consequently sl HON at him.

Ca and me have 2 hours break to wait for Physics class. So we proceeded to Gurney to play DDR. Wow my favorite game!! We espied three different style of cars which are in Red color parking together.

pls' : 20/2/2008 happy birthday to coach papa!
pls" : Today is the last day of Chinese New Year~ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR
pls''' : I'm still mentioning KILL ME! this time is KILL SI ME!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



So bored at class today. After lunch still have more than half hours for us to shake leg. Then I recorded HH and Ca while they were chatting.

Basically they were chatting and did not know I recorded them. HH's funny action was..... imitating mine. whahaha! Then HH urged us to see her picture in Friendster. So.. go to have a look if anyone knows her page. *thanks me HH* . And captured a bottle that are "meaningful" to me. hehe. Some introductions about the class =D . I stopped recording when Kelvin and Marcus came into class.


What I did was required by Ca. When I lied on the floor, someone came in and make me so embarrassing. =/

When I said start recording, everyone thought that Joon would be coming out from the door. But she wasn't Joon! Joon this crazy people imitated one of the lecturer to switch on the air-conditional. She is so malevolent and ridiculous.

We are "pink pink 一家族"
My pink shirt is special!
JOON!! What are u thinking?
MeeeekKkKkk (lamb's voice =D)

pls' :19/2/2008 happy birthday to Chun Yang.
pls'' : Saya telah tahan nak BUANG BESAR for tiga jam!
pls''': KILL ME! Ca and HH had heard I mentioned many times of this two words from the first period to the last period. Will be continue tomorrow!
(anyone know what had happened pls kill me!!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

16 FEB 2008 (The date for the post is innaccurate)

Rounded the whole penang island with HuiHong by motor to find "something". What's the something? well.. 这是不能说的秘密 =D
Recorded clip by HuiHong. Just for fun!

15 Feb 2008

went to school library to finish our assignment and presentation.
headed to Fish & Co to have our lunch.

Waiting for meal. Starved!
My meal haven't come. Ate Florence's ones first =]EATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

then went to Segafredo to continue our works.
captured by EeLyn.
My phone everytime fulls of pictures captured by her whenever she took my phone. =D


Went home after finished striving with our assignment and presentation.
From 6pm wait until 6.30pm. all is LiLing's fault! =]
Evonne fetch LiLing, MeiHuey and me to beach.
Along the way, Ev kept on saying "don't luan. I want concentrate on my driving".
Luckily I still remember the way to beach.
[actually I'm not very remember.. hehe..just.. act calm so that you all won't get panic]

Arrived at about 7pm.
Seemed like raining but the Sun said:
"no worry. I will put out my glamor to stop the rain from pee" =D

peculiar slippers

I jump I jump I jump

yeahfunWater was "swallowing" our legs!


Ah ha! We faced the sea and screeched! I was not sure whether anyone was muzzling at us..
So what anyway!

We wanted to dash toward the sea but............... Only four of us know!

Group pictures

Ev has phobia in driving at night. MH la! she abandoned Ev.
No lah..kidding..
So.. I drove. I'm really a skillful and tactful driver. No doubt!
Headed to Gurney AGAIN to have our dinner. I ate MuaJi!
Taste good!

13/2/2008 happy belated to AiLing. She is going to do "something" on me after I wished her last two days.
15/2/2008 顺伟's birthday! 兄弟。。你老了啦。。对了。。我有很多要谢谢你的话耶 =) 你朋友送你的礼物真的是甘拜下风。。
16/2/2008 sue-yin's birthday. 六妹. beh tua han eh si gina! hahahahaha!! dont be so childish d cai bo =D

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Proceeded to Sunshine Farlim with Mei Huey. Actually the main reason is to buy flower ordered by my bro. We had nothing to do so we proposed to...... hiak hiak hiak~.. We went to Grains section. Look at the pictures below and you'll know what was going on =]
Before our action
Whahahaha.. we really "finish eating nothing do" (jiak ba bo su zo)
We wanted to exchange more but got one aunty was beside us.
Have to show some courtesy right?

We saw aunty cloth. And we fooled around saying that what a nice cloth.








Our games not yet finished.





Surprise! She is ham tan chiu yan!We rock the world!


Hey we are 18 years old =D
MH sot jorShe's still a baby
wanna join us?
I love to play

After that, we went to MCD to....................... EAT ICE CREAM! I'm coming my lovely Sundae!

yum yum

I gulled a fool to MH uttering that.....
"mei huey mei huey.. I see somebody keep on watching me.."
"who? who? who? where?"
"You slowly turn to the back................"

who is that?

who is that?

who is that?

who is that?

I S H I M!!!

I'm too yeng =D

Finally I drive my bro's car. It's not as hard as I thought. Since I'm sooooo skillful, a "big Kelisa" mean nothing to me whahah!! Had a dinner with my heng dai to celebrate Single Valentine Day just now. Jumper nice? heng dai please la. U lie! anyway, Happy Valentine Day to everyone yea~

thx for the flower, BJ