Tuesday, February 19, 2008



So bored at class today. After lunch still have more than half hours for us to shake leg. Then I recorded HH and Ca while they were chatting.

Basically they were chatting and did not know I recorded them. HH's funny action was..... imitating mine. whahaha! Then HH urged us to see her picture in Friendster. So.. go to have a look if anyone knows her page. *thanks me HH* . And captured a bottle that are "meaningful" to me. hehe. Some introductions about the class =D . I stopped recording when Kelvin and Marcus came into class.


What I did was required by Ca. When I lied on the floor, someone came in and make me so embarrassing. =/

When I said start recording, everyone thought that Joon would be coming out from the door. But she wasn't Joon! Joon this crazy people imitated one of the lecturer to switch on the air-conditional. She is so malevolent and ridiculous.

We are "pink pink 一家族"
My pink shirt is special!
JOON!! What are u thinking?
MeeeekKkKkk (lamb's voice =D)

pls' :19/2/2008 happy birthday to Chun Yang.
pls'' : Saya telah tahan nak BUANG BESAR for tiga jam!
pls''': KILL ME! Ca and HH had heard I mentioned many times of this two words from the first period to the last period. Will be continue tomorrow!
(anyone know what had happened pls kill me!!)


ben'|oon said...

i give u holiao comment!
2 words!
ntg more to describe d...
zhe shi deng! wahh gao lo u
sumore lie on flooor
reli is siao bo lo liao ar!

saix_ysy said...

hahaha! thx for praising comment..haha!! i m too yeng d i know.. KILL ME!!!