Tuesday, February 26, 2008

27 FEB 2008 (innacurate date of post again)

All is about yesterday....... (27 Feb 2008)
Wan Ting phoned me and asked me to go out for dinner
with my dearly cousin, Mincci =D.
That time I just finished my meal.
Actually I was sooo lazy to go out since
I was wearing pajamas
and ass was sticked on the chair watching television.
Yet I was still brimful and excited to see them!
There have been ages I met Wan Ting.
I scurried to change my cloth and prepared everything
waiting Mincci Jie Jie (I'm always so respectful)
came and fetch me.
Then we proceeded to Northam Beach Cafe.
Tattled with them happily.
yeah.. I heard of many stories of them!
Felt amazed to their stories.
I had defeated (hehe jkjk).

Wan Ting. Me

Mincci Jie Jie.ME

Ah! Mincci Jie Jie told me something that
made my mouth aghast.
What can I say is SO WASTED!!!!!
Hard to deem it but what can I do?
Everything had passed three years ago.
Time flies relentlessly.
Frankly, shock gripped me!
Till now.. questions are still swarming my mind..
kenapa begitu...?!! kenapa tak cakap pada masa itu!?!?

Cousins. Stop saying you're fat. =D
She's the one who same birthday date and month with me. =)

Went back around 10.30pm.
Yeah my eyes shone with glee.
Nice chat with them.
We chatted for almost 2 hours more.
Lots of stories and reminiscences of us to share out.

Gonna miss you both!

pls' : Mrs siao gia YEE SZE YEE! you're not forgotten! ca-saix-hu endless relationship!
pls'' : Good luck to Joon in Biology test today and car test tomorrow!
pls''' : My shoulder is pain as carrying the drum last two days. pain but sweet?
pls'''': Finger is bruise too. Worth?
pls''''': I'm feeling well as I have made my decision......



boney said...

haha..she iz jz funny la..
nt fat oso wana say herself fat

saix_ysy said...

ya la.. she.. really find fighting haha

TinGz*~ said...

im fat >.<
argh.. delete the last pic..OMG!

Name: Juanita said...

din see tiok them for years d.. =/ they're my senior... hahaha!

saix_ysy said...

[tingz] er.............. i dont have three person de photo d dont wan delete hahaha! [jua] ya la.. they disappear from earth and go to planet study.

TinGz*~ said...

ahem juanita.. im here im here.. din disappear la.. dont listen to tat saix.. lol.. so lang saix! DELETE!! sobs >.<

saix_ysy said...

dont wan dont wan dont wan!
come kill me heheh