Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Secret For Life..

The previous post is just for fun. No worries..
Believe it or not? Up to you!
get shocked? it's all surprise!
Deceived by a trickery like me? I've no idea as.....

Words to Best Buddies:
mrs. Ong ps:
Solely you understand my feeling.
cheer together.
mrs. Leong hh:
Heard enough "KILL ME" from me?
to be continue tomorrow.
=D thanks..
mrs. Eoh sl:
Thanks for letting me to share my words with you.
mr. 沈 sw:
mr. Quah bj:
Thanks for the entertainment today
although the clip is quite lame.
mr. Kong zy:
I'm going to box you if...... =D
anyway thanks..
mr. Chai gh:
In Penang can't watch any stars.
Thanks for concerning.



Esthaenie said...

Actually I don‘t really mind hearing “KILL ME" most of the time, but still show some mercy to this pity me ya...hahaha :P

saix_ysy said...

hahaha.. i'm cruel and never feel pity to u! ahaha i will continue to SAY KILL ME! hehehehehee

ben'|oon said...

nxt time see her say DIE YOU! before she says kill me

gabzy said...

box me 4 wat??!!
nvm...i everyday go gym d...u prepare to b box bck lar....muahahhahaxz

Anonymous said...

saix saix....i havta say de same words to u too...cheer up together!!!

saix_ysy said...

[bj] ya la die u!! NOW! haha
[zy] box u ler.. come on! just fight! who scare?
[ca] yeah cheer~

Anonymous said...

hey~~man~~ u tio wa bui hiao english a ? put the chinese 4 me o = = haha~~~no thx la .= = if wan thx treat me a mcdonald lo ~~haha ~cheer up man~~happy every day~good luck~~(next time add a handsome behind my name a ~~haha)k

saix_ysy said...

我习惯与你讲华语嘛。。还特地用华语回复叻。。哇哈哈。。谢谢你啦。。像我昨天说的。。不好意思 =)