Friday, February 15, 2008

15 Feb 2008

went to school library to finish our assignment and presentation.
headed to Fish & Co to have our lunch.

Waiting for meal. Starved!
My meal haven't come. Ate Florence's ones first =]EATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

then went to Segafredo to continue our works.
captured by EeLyn.
My phone everytime fulls of pictures captured by her whenever she took my phone. =D


Went home after finished striving with our assignment and presentation.
From 6pm wait until 6.30pm. all is LiLing's fault! =]
Evonne fetch LiLing, MeiHuey and me to beach.
Along the way, Ev kept on saying "don't luan. I want concentrate on my driving".
Luckily I still remember the way to beach.
[actually I'm not very remember.. hehe..just.. act calm so that you all won't get panic]

Arrived at about 7pm.
Seemed like raining but the Sun said:
"no worry. I will put out my glamor to stop the rain from pee" =D

peculiar slippers

I jump I jump I jump

yeahfunWater was "swallowing" our legs!


Ah ha! We faced the sea and screeched! I was not sure whether anyone was muzzling at us..
So what anyway!

We wanted to dash toward the sea but............... Only four of us know!

Group pictures

Ev has phobia in driving at night. MH la! she abandoned Ev.
No lah..kidding..
So.. I drove. I'm really a skillful and tactful driver. No doubt!
Headed to Gurney AGAIN to have our dinner. I ate MuaJi!
Taste good!

13/2/2008 happy belated to AiLing. She is going to do "something" on me after I wished her last two days.
15/2/2008 顺伟's birthday! 兄弟。。你老了啦。。对了。。我有很多要谢谢你的话耶 =) 你朋友送你的礼物真的是甘拜下风。。
16/2/2008 sue-yin's birthday. 六妹. beh tua han eh si gina! hahahahaha!! dont be so childish d cai bo =D


meihuey said...

shiying ah...
write sp short nia...
kakazz...'s really fun yea...

ben'|oon said...

u all really is siao bo lorh -.-!!
nearly wanna kneel down and pai u d!

saix_ysy said...

short meh? pictures mean a lot.. hehe..
dont bai me la!! siao meh?

meihuey said...

haha...ok la...
we take so many pic...
next time go again ya...

saix_ysy said...

sure got nex time ler! so fun~!