Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kiss Kiss Dance - AF

Refreshing again..
Performance of Astonishing Figures
in the stage of PCGHS
during graduation night of 2007
I'm the in the 1st row 2nd one in the beginning =) Heard my name!? muahahaha!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maulin day after I know..

=) ---> =( ---> =) (hope soon)
Don't like June

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull after church service.

In 1957, Indiana Jones
is thrust back in action,
venturing into the jungles
of South America in a race
against Soviet agents to find
the mystical Crystal Skull.

After that, bro, Leighton, Karen, Brendon and me
proceeded to beach which was invited by Matthew.
Solely bro and me were still wearing formal cloth
whereas others had changed theirs.
Both of us were like not-beach-style. =/

The panoramic view of beach.

They were building castle when we reached.

This is Skyler and she's really cute!
She babbles lots of words
that I don't really can interpret them. =D

Stood firm! I'm steady!!
Leighton . me . Brendon

My bro's back is nicer than front? =D

Picnic time!

Brendon yanked me to the ground.
I wailed but he just stood there grinning
not giving any help.

Brendon . me

We jumped!
From left:
Brendon, me, bro,
Matthew, Karen, Leighton,
Sarahn, Zohreh, Blane

Zack wanted to kiss the natural sand.

The war began!
as usual....

Played with Zack after meal.
My legs scratched out as the sands "kick" me.
Say "Yeah", Zack!

me . Zohreh . Karen

Fighting with Brendon until
my shirt was all drenched.
Nabbed here nabbed there.

I was bullied by Brendon and Zack.
They hurled me booms!! (sands.. hehe)

After sending them back,
I cleaned the car's carpet which full of sandssss alone.
Good huh!?
By the way, I'm sick. Sore throat =/
Still, I'm strong =D

Friday, May 23, 2008


Had dinner with Wan Ting dan Mincci in E-gate
just now after my class dismiss.
Noodle what what what.. =/
It's a ambrosia restaurant.
The noodle is really nice and luscious!
Chatting + Eating..
Until I almost finished my noodle I felt so sour. =/
[I'm not meant the noodle is not nice]
But the story I narrated.... hehe.
Shared lots of stories again as we usually do.

Wan Ting Ting Ting Ting

My LOVELY cousin ahhaha..

me =D

Group picture after dinner.

Then, we went to Tesco to buy something
as Wan Ting's going back to KL tomorrow.
Tesco is a reminisce place to me!
Yeah.. Lots of fun there. (I mean last time, but not today XD)
Both of you should know what am I talking right?
I think I will be at my wits' end when the DAY come.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hectic Sunday

Bro and me headed to Fettes Park Baptist Church
for the first time with
Sherrie, Leighton and Brendon.
Ian was there before we went off.

Daddy messaged me asking me what am I doing.
After I replied him, he sent "ok be good and have fun".
Guess what was my replied?
I sent "Ok you too. Be good and have fun". =D

Before we stepped in the church,
Leighton said "this might be a guai lou's church".
True. We saw lotssss of white people there!
[Wondering are we staying in state at that moment.]

Brendon ALWAYS be so mean to me!

Then, Leighton joined him to bully me!
Not the first time!!
Vulnerable me..

Had Banana Leaf as lunch after church service.
From back
Ian, Sherrie, Leighton, Rodney

To: Bro and Brendon

Look at his dish. What a MESS!!?

Sent Brendon back to change his suit
as he got a party to attend.

Don't ever try something that is not suitable to u!
Cannot fix your elephant hand lahhh=D

My bro cant wear this too

Proceeded to Dalat International School
to watch my big bro's basketball match
which was organised by Blane.
My house area team, Lumba Kuda vs California team.
Brendon was later messaged me "hami su lu anei guai?"
Me "what laaaah. Lu siao lah".
[He always claims that he is Asian.]

Indoor court

Before the game began, we gave pray to God.

What was he doing there?
Do u believe he is a lecturer?


My comb!!!!
I gonna use shieldtox to wash my comb!!

Went back after that.
Thinking that I could have a tranquil rest.
But we did not take the key of house!
Since bro's hair was grown like grass already,
he decided to have a hair cut.

Spot my bro =)

Reached home at 9pm.
After bath, I went to find HuiHong
to get notes to photostat.
The shop keeper really drives me crazy and furious.
I was pestered with smokers!

After buying Hokkien Mee as supper for Big bro,
I went home at 10p.m.
Passed through a Buddhist temple,
lots of believers there.
Happy Wesak's Day =)
whole day long..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day? Accident?

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Solely Da Ge and me celebrated for my mum. =/
Papa and Er Ge aren't in Penang right now.
We went to ShinJuTe (Forgot how to spell already), a Japanese restaurant.
Da Ge treated us! yeah!
My pretty and lovely mami
Da Ge kept on playing his new phone.
Beh Tong nia

My dinner

When I had my dinner half way,
Lee Ming messaged me saying that Chai Ying got accident.
I startled and phoned her immediately.
I rushed to hospital after meal.
Shock was etched me when I saw her face.. omg..


This is how she looks like.
Why is she smiling?
She knows we were capturing photo

Feel like nothing right?

Let see a closer picture of her..

get ready?

Don't eject what you had eaten trough from mouth.








Her face, her eyes, her nose, her mouth.

She narrated the story to us.
Guess how she got accident?
Only one word. SLEEPY!!!
*shaking head*
She fetch her sister some more with motor.
Though she talked with her sister while riding the motor,
she said she was like having a dream-talked.
Getting blur already.

Lee Ming
Chi Yuen took some photos of her.
The situation was soooo funny

See! She talked with the phone NON STOP!!!

I did record a video when Lee Min and Chi Yuen
kept on calling people to tell them about this.
"Wei. Chai Ying got accident"
"Tell you a bad news. Chai Ying...."
".. Chai Ying.. Accident.."
"No kidding la.. serious one.."
"Cheat you for what?..."
"Her face.."
"...Chai Ying..."
The video is too long so I'm not going to post up.
Three of us are like a reporter of her
interviewing her and "promote" her.

I nearly vomit when see this picture!!!
Wound on her stomach

Tee Ling, her cousin, came to visit her as well.

Please! Everyone out there!
Do not ride motor or drive car or lorry or bus or plane or helicopter when you feel sleepy!!!

Hope you get well soon, Chai Ying.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our First Time After We broke

Beach again! with my old old buddies, Vivian & Evonne.
"This is our first time after we broke"
haha! Solely we understand I think =D

The sun gave out the last ray,
leaving a breathtaking image on the horizon.
Blue sky dotted by white fluffy clouds.

A preliminary action of mine.

Evonne snapped me.
I snapped Evonne

Vivian the siao gia

Natural sand and sea water.



We fooled around and suddenly..
"Excuse me, can you take a photo for us?"
Finished capturing pictures for the strangers,
I asked them to help us too. =)

After a while, "Excuse me.. Can we take a photo with you all?"
"Sure!" I answered without thinking as
I thought they wanted me to take picture FOR them again.
Then I tittered realizing I made mistake.. "Ooo. Okay"

I'm the brightest =D

Writing our own name.

Time to play around with camera.



Proceeded to Sunrise to eat pizza.
I had eaten pizza continuously for three weeks!
All are on Friday! wow