Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day? Accident?

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Solely Da Ge and me celebrated for my mum. =/
Papa and Er Ge aren't in Penang right now.
We went to ShinJuTe (Forgot how to spell already), a Japanese restaurant.
Da Ge treated us! yeah!
My pretty and lovely mami
Da Ge kept on playing his new phone.
Beh Tong nia

My dinner

When I had my dinner half way,
Lee Ming messaged me saying that Chai Ying got accident.
I startled and phoned her immediately.
I rushed to hospital after meal.
Shock was etched me when I saw her face.. omg..


This is how she looks like.
Why is she smiling?
She knows we were capturing photo

Feel like nothing right?

Let see a closer picture of her..

get ready?

Don't eject what you had eaten trough from mouth.








Her face, her eyes, her nose, her mouth.

She narrated the story to us.
Guess how she got accident?
Only one word. SLEEPY!!!
*shaking head*
She fetch her sister some more with motor.
Though she talked with her sister while riding the motor,
she said she was like having a dream-talked.
Getting blur already.

Lee Ming
Chi Yuen took some photos of her.
The situation was soooo funny

See! She talked with the phone NON STOP!!!

I did record a video when Lee Min and Chi Yuen
kept on calling people to tell them about this.
"Wei. Chai Ying got accident"
"Tell you a bad news. Chai Ying...."
".. Chai Ying.. Accident.."
"No kidding la.. serious one.."
"Cheat you for what?..."
"Her face.."
"...Chai Ying..."
The video is too long so I'm not going to post up.
Three of us are like a reporter of her
interviewing her and "promote" her.

I nearly vomit when see this picture!!!
Wound on her stomach

Tee Ling, her cousin, came to visit her as well.

Please! Everyone out there!
Do not ride motor or drive car or lorry or bus or plane or helicopter when you feel sleepy!!!

Hope you get well soon, Chai Ying.


e v o n n e said...

omg!u're daring enough to capture and post up those....ewww...anyway..hope she'll get well soon too..X)

BluRzZz` said...

Hope ur Friend well soon ... anyway Plane not got auto drive meh =.= ?

saix_ysy said...

[ev] haha.. nice photo shot right =)
[blurz] also have to control the coordinate de not ke?

meihuey said...

walao!seem like very serious ane...hope her well soon...

saix_ysy said...

quite serious ler. she siao one..

T'estimo said...

ughhhhhh it's so painnnnnnnn
send my regards to her & hope she'll get well soon!

saix_ysy said...

pain laaa geli nia.. ok no problem

saix_ysy said...

hey all..
chai ying said THANKSSSSSS SO MUCH!

dabizi said...

omg ...pain pain~ men kia
ytd tuition, i saw one persn homework wif oh chai ying..i think chaiying got study f6???mayb not her..??
or gun pun du shi yi!

glod bless her...
hope she recover soon too~

saix_ysy said...

she got takes f6.. but i think is not her. she is stil in hospital..

dabizi said...

ooh..f6 wear white white uniform!=.=haiz~保佑她啊~

saix_ysy said...

then u wear red red uniform la! yup she discharge d.. getting well..

dabizi said...

hahaha!k la, i wear red red!
glad to hear tat!call chai ying b careful all the time... 因为生命是宝贵的

saix_ysy said...

everyone must be careful!!

Choot said...

u forgot to say boat, yatch, jetski, taxi, van,.......
haha.. lol..=p
hope she get well soon also..

saix_ysy said...

hahaha.. waiting for u to add mer XD
she ok already!