Friday, May 9, 2008

Our First Time After We broke

Beach again! with my old old buddies, Vivian & Evonne.
"This is our first time after we broke"
haha! Solely we understand I think =D

The sun gave out the last ray,
leaving a breathtaking image on the horizon.
Blue sky dotted by white fluffy clouds.

A preliminary action of mine.

Evonne snapped me.
I snapped Evonne

Vivian the siao gia

Natural sand and sea water.



We fooled around and suddenly..
"Excuse me, can you take a photo for us?"
Finished capturing pictures for the strangers,
I asked them to help us too. =)

After a while, "Excuse me.. Can we take a photo with you all?"
"Sure!" I answered without thinking as
I thought they wanted me to take picture FOR them again.
Then I tittered realizing I made mistake.. "Ooo. Okay"

I'm the brightest =D

Writing our own name.

Time to play around with camera.



Proceeded to Sunrise to eat pizza.
I had eaten pizza continuously for three weeks!
All are on Friday! wow


lansi may said...

no wonder asked me to eat pizza as supper last was friday too..

saix_ysy said...

waaa! i dint realise it!!!