Sunday, May 25, 2008


Went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull after church service.

In 1957, Indiana Jones
is thrust back in action,
venturing into the jungles
of South America in a race
against Soviet agents to find
the mystical Crystal Skull.

After that, bro, Leighton, Karen, Brendon and me
proceeded to beach which was invited by Matthew.
Solely bro and me were still wearing formal cloth
whereas others had changed theirs.
Both of us were like not-beach-style. =/

The panoramic view of beach.

They were building castle when we reached.

This is Skyler and she's really cute!
She babbles lots of words
that I don't really can interpret them. =D

Stood firm! I'm steady!!
Leighton . me . Brendon

My bro's back is nicer than front? =D

Picnic time!

Brendon yanked me to the ground.
I wailed but he just stood there grinning
not giving any help.

Brendon . me

We jumped!
From left:
Brendon, me, bro,
Matthew, Karen, Leighton,
Sarahn, Zohreh, Blane

Zack wanted to kiss the natural sand.

The war began!
as usual....

Played with Zack after meal.
My legs scratched out as the sands "kick" me.
Say "Yeah", Zack!

me . Zohreh . Karen

Fighting with Brendon until
my shirt was all drenched.
Nabbed here nabbed there.

I was bullied by Brendon and Zack.
They hurled me booms!! (sands.. hehe)

After sending them back,
I cleaned the car's carpet which full of sandssss alone.
Good huh!?
By the way, I'm sick. Sore throat =/
Still, I'm strong =D


Esthaenie, L. said...

Wah so happy hoh?? :-P

T'estimo said...

HIAO-ing xP

saix_ysy said...

[est] bo happy.. u tak di sana..
[wanting] weiiii

lansi may said...

the last photo jz like capturing music video..haha..

saix_ysy said...

er............................... =.=" mana ada sama? Ini pro-est. haha!

e v o n n e said...

beach is like ur 2nd home..haha..btw..indiano jones nice right??i wana watch!!

saix_ysy said...

no no.. beach is my 4th home.. 2nd is church 3rd is basketball court ehhe.. indiana not bad la.. just don't really catch the story =D

Anonymous said...

de last pic really got like mv's feel...haha...

saix_ysy said...

ya la i m the director.