Thursday, June 26, 2008


Had erratic photo shots today in my room.
Lots of pictures were taken
but I'm here to post up a few photos only.

This is Mrs. Leong.
A proficient and tactful photographer.

Let's see what we had taken.

This is what we called 六连拍.
Actually is more than that,
but other photos really spoil my image,
so.. hehe XD

Photographer: Leong Hui Hong
Model: Yeap Shi Ying

She don't want pictures of herself to be taken.
But I managed to get a few =D

Photographer: Yeap Shi Ying
Model: Leong Hui Hong

Apparently, I love this photo.








Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One word can be described..
My aunt helped me to do mask.
You guys sure said
"walau.. This siao cha bo..
Like that also want to take photo".
Nope.. I'm not insane.
It's really bored when doing mask as well!

Cannot smile!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I accompanied bro to buy ticket of ferry just now.
Bro: Want to go Langkawi?
Me: Want want want!!
Bro: Aiya.. Not better la.. All guys.
Me: Oh nevermind! I'm guy too
What's the point he asked me then?

We saw four HORSES after parking the car.
Look! The crow is so valiant!
It don't afraid the horse will kick it!!

Crow: Can I ask you a question? Am I pretty and adorable? Can you just look at me for one second? please?

Horse: Get away! you loon. I'm busy eating my luscious grass.

Me: 白马王子!!

Me: Come on. Give me your hand!
Trust me! I can rescue you from the villain.

Then, we realise that the horses come from different countries.

This horse is from Malaysia!
It has black hair and black eye pupil!
Black heart perhaps? [JOKING LA]

This is American!

Obviously, it comes from England!
Because it has Double F!
Fair Fur =P

And the last one.......


Luckily I saw it in day time.
If not........

Lastly, I saw my friend too!!!






Tuesday, June 17, 2008



While I was engrossing in my studies for exam,
[Yeah, I'm always poring intelligently on my books.
I mean it! =P]
my little cousin came and distracted me.
But my determination is not strong enough,
and so I was distracted.
Fool around with her.
We were actually promoting the cap + spectacle?
I guess so..

Model: The big-head dog
难道它是吳宗憲 ?

Model: Lim Jie Yong
[She's always so cute!]

Model: Yeap Shi Ying

The Last Model is

Model: 英雄

Then both of us realise that..
the side of the yeng gesture wrong already.
Suppose to be right hand.

Signing off.
One more subject to go!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

hair cut

Yup. I have my hair cut already. Ta da!!

Still hating June!


SAM 2008 Mid Term Exam
16 June [English as 2nd Language, Mathematics Studies]
17 June [Chemistry, Psychology]
19 June [Physics]

Monday, June 9, 2008

Video captured by Miss Leong during our performance of 24 Chinese Drum in Jit Sin.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

24 Chinese Drum

Finally I can get myself to relieve!
Have been so busying with tests and perform these days.
Proceeded to Jit Sin on last Thurs
to have a rehearsal of drum there.

Long bus ride to Jit Sin


And then, we reached JIT SIN!
GREEN color building! oh yea!

We walked along this street.
Nice prospect of the school.

After we had our scrumptious dinner, we prepared ourselves in the hall.

The Drums

The youngest (yeng) vs the eldest (saix)

We had been waiting so long for the rehearsal.
Almost one hour more!
Nothing to do, then Yeng asked me
"want to have nails polished?"
"Oh ok. Bring it on"

Then, she began to spoil my nails.

Ok. No comment on that =/

Had a group picture after the rehearsal.

Reached home at 11 something at night.

I beat the drum, the drum beat me too.
How fair huh?

Now started to write about yesterday.
The day we performed!

We walked along the street again to get in the hall.
me . ca . fish . sueyin

We're still under "ungraduated" student =P

Yeah the only me!!

6 performances on the preculiar night.
Two of them are Penang Chinese Girls' High School
including the performances of ex-student.
Others are all Jit Sin.

First performance of Jit Sin

Penang Chinese Girls' High School

Performance of Jit Sin.

6 younger + 6 older

All the STARS on the night!

Spot us!

Successful performances!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


"Event" for Every Day.

2/6/08 Pass up Psychology report.
3/6/08 Pass up ESL report.
3/6/08 Drum practice.
4/6/08 Pengajian Malaysia Final Exam.
5/6/08 Rehearsal in Jit Sin.
6/6/08 Mathematic Studies Test.
6/6/08 Drum performance at night.

I have to skip Physics class twice!
Oh ya.. Anyone want to buy the ticket of drum in Jit Sin?
Only RM12.

Bless me..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Went to Queensbay Mall after church service
with bro, George, Chris and Matthew.
Coincidentally, we saw a dance performance
of T.I.P, Korean.
Their show is really nice!
They are good in breaking as well as choreography.

say WOW

*I tried many times to upload the video
that my bro had recorded
but it was to no avail.

And, another video is friendly battle
of Korean Bboy and Malaysian Bboy.
The improvisation of three
Malaysian Bboy really goood!
*double thumb up

ykc . ysy