Thursday, June 12, 2008

hair cut

Yup. I have my hair cut already. Ta da!!

Still hating June!


SAM 2008 Mid Term Exam
16 June [English as 2nd Language, Mathematics Studies]
17 June [Chemistry, Psychology]
19 June [Physics]


T'estimo said...

become wawa saix d
lmao! xP
hate june kah?
good luck saix =DDDDD

saix_ysy said...

gonna bcome chiwawa d.. haahaa
when u come back? wanna share something with u// =P

danielord said...

sui sui sui!!
so funny la ur new hair style XD XD

saix_ysy said...


e v o n n e said...

take a more obvious shot lar!!..haha..btw..GOOD LUCK!

saix_ysy said...

ahahha! obvious one i scare u terkejut! hahaha.. thankx!

TinGz said...

aiks i wont be back so fast i think
sobs >.<
i wanna know!!!
GRRRR wish im in pg pg pggggg

saix_ysy said...

yerrr.. zzz.. faster come back la..

ben'|oon said...

omg pig saix!

saix_ysy said...

yeng saix la!