Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Sunday!!

It's Sunday!!
I'm exhausted yet 
I'm still in the exuberant mood 
to write post right now =P

6.15 am Fetch mami and aunt to airport
7.00 am McDonald as breakfast 

WooHoo! I'm Loving It.

9.00 am Yoga Class
12.00 pm Church Service. Yup.. Last week I was being praising in good acting for main character =PP
4.00 pm Hip Hop Dancing Class
6.00 pm Beach

We are The One

We played Frisbee as well!
[American Game]

Random shot at night


War began AGAIN! New player.
saix vs Crystal

9.00 pm "Supper". Then I saw sw's message. So.. sad..
10.00 pm Home
11.00 pm Blogging
12.00 pm Light off

pls: 我们最敬爱的陈徽崇老师离开了。


BluRzZz` said...

Try this song acually i wanna post at fs give u 1 but keep error zz..

saix_ysy said...

okok.. tq..

jszeto said...

Hahah, those photos with Crystal are great! -james

saix_ysy said...

yeah! i love it so much! i miss the moment with u all!