Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jua's birthday

I rock the world AGAIN

It's Jua's birthday!!
Party in TM Resort (Beside Crown Prince).
Let the photos speak to you!
The title for that night is "Spirit"
(created by Peng Chooi and me)

I love this expression

The Spirit (Joon) and Leong

Nice photo!
I did not know Joon was doing that when picture was taken!
me. Peng Chooi. Joon


No editing.
Just admit Peng Chooi!! You're evil spirit!!
pc. me. j

Dinner time!!

me. Leong

Happy Birthday JUA!!!

Present (Hamster) for Jua
from Leong, Ca and ME


Went to beach again!!
See!! Spitit again! No editing =DD

Top: (Crazy people) PengChooi. Joon. XiuHui
Bottom: (JAY Chow)(Spirit) Me. LyeBoon


He said this is Pang Sai
His pose = Pang
Saix = me

Photographer: Leong Hui Hong

Photographer: Yeap Shi Ying

Group Photo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My video

Ha! My production AGAIN!
This video taken last few month (June) by Mei Huey!
I was looking back the videos/clips in my folder
and I found out this!
I supposed to post up this during Evonne's birthday
but I was busy preparing drum performance that time.
After that I forgot about this incident. ehhee..
Watch out! My "heart blood".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sunday and monday

This short post is about last few days..

Sunday 17.08.08
It was 15th Anniversary of Li Xin Baptist Church!
wow.. We celebrated in Tanjung Bunyah Hotel
joyfully in the sake of Christ.

He's really cute!!!


Monday 18.08.08
9.00 am Duty in General Lab
10.00 am Physics class replacement
12.00 pm Lunch (take away)
12.15 pm Buy cake
12.30 pm Fish's house
1.45 pm Gurney (with Fish and Lyk)
2.00 pm Red box
Surprise for Mei Huey!!
She didn't know I will come
and celebrate her birthday!
My name for the half and hour

Happy 18th birthday AUNTY Mei Huey!

me. evonne. meihuey. liling
Old buddies =D
[Shang Wu tangan and Peng Hwa kaki]

2.30 pm Watch La Lingerie 内衣少女 with Lyk, Fish, Ca, Ca2 and her friend.
4.30 pm Game time
5.00 pm Chat and Laugh
6.00 pm Dinner in hawker stall

And we saw this!!

Police car parked in Yellow Line!!
We espied policeman eating there as well!

Imagine what will happen if I talked to them?
"Pak Cik.. Saya dah dahaga ni"..

8.00 pm Driver of Evonne
8.30 pm Received message from Joon and headed to her home (Talk of Secret)
9.45 pm Dropped Lyk (Talk of another Secret)
10.00 pm Find Leong (Talk of another another Secret)
10.30 pm Home

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prom Night

10.00 am Yoga class
01.00 pm Anniversary of 24 Season Drum in Penang Chinese Girls' High School [V.I.P =P]
06.30 pm PROM NIGHT

Are You Ready to see more photos?!??
Photos will be shown to describe the prom night.

I rock the world!!
That's ME!

Disted Stamford College
Annual Prom 2008
Theme: A Royal Affair
Venue: Equatorial Hotel

Li Mei. Jua. ME. Ca. Leong
Ping Hwa Kaki =P

Hu. Ca. Saix

My 14-year-old Buddy

Best Friend, Shu Ling.


Conversation during the photo taking
Me: Ei Roger.. You're so short la! =PP

After we had our dinner, we went out for snapping more pictures!

I look adorable and yeng
and pretty and entao!
Right? Don't praise me =D

Dai Ka Jeh & Sai Lou (Ben Joon)

Dancing King! You apa pun boleh la!
Chun Yang. Me

We went into ball room after that but it was break time.
Then we went out again. =/
The next session is the Best Dress Award

Joon. Leong. XiuHui. Kaminee
They were chosen!
Leong get heart attack! Damn funny haha!
Congrats to Jaslyne Joon for the award!

The girls with Mrs Allen and Mrs Lucy

The retarder - Ben Joon

The second retarder - LYK

W 810
Lyk . BenJoon . MINE

Time to dance everyone!!

I sprained my left leg when they pulled me out to dance!
Tracy and Jie Ling!! I remember both of you =P

Ah Ma and Sun-s
Me. Madeline. Ca

Kwen: You touch my butt!
Me: Mr GAY wen. please huh..

Be humble En Shi!
I know you're taller!!

My Physics experiment partner - Lye Boon

End of the day _______

Still, I rock the world!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

photo snap

I'm here to share some photo shots of my Family!

Funny dad. Pretty mum. Siao da ge. Siao e ge. ADORABLE ME =P

I'm quite tall!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Connextion and Passion

"KL!! I'm coming!!!"
"PASSION!!! I'm coming!!!"
I yelled after class dismiss on last Friday.
This is my first time to sit with 3 persons at the back of the car for a long journey.
Four sandwiches (Chong Kai, Fun, Julie and me).
We reached Sun Inns Hotel at 12 something.
I seriously lack of sleep as I slept at 2 am ++ and woke up at 5.15 am.
I've never been sleeping less than 4 hours!
Why so early? Matthew proposed to have Bak Kut Teh in Klang as breakfast.
We didn't want to get up so early initially but "long time one time ma".
We took more than half hour to reach our destination.

Paul . Me

Me. Diana. Ester. Julie

On the way back.

The Bak Kut Teh is distributed as three condition: No Fat, Half Fat and FAT.
After taking the delectable food, we proceeded to First Baptist Church for the Connextion.

First Baptist Church

The Remembrance of ME

He sings well!

Look at the expression of
Julian (left) and Colin (right).
Julian: Oh what the.. What are you doing?
Colin: *Scratching head* I don't know her.

KLCC! We desired to go to Sky Bridge but it was full!

Fun. MingZhong. Christina (back). Nic. ME. Julian. Chris

So crazy! KLCC was thronged with people!
* People Jam *

After strolling in mall, we took LRT back to hotel.
Everyone was fatigued.
Fortunately, I managed to take a short nap for half an hour.
Or else, surely I will daze.
Our time was pretty packed!
We finished our dinner and headed to the same church for Conference.

He is the Life, the Truth, the Way

Uncle Rodney gave a short speak on stage.

Leighton, the crazy people was here again and bullied me!

Julie. Diana. Fun. Ester. Cricket (back). Lynnette (front). Me

Blane. Me

Back to hotel again. Thinking that I could have a early sleep that night.
But guess what? The later the time, the more people came to our room.
I did enjoy it anyway.
Ha! We chit chat non stop until 2 something again!

Oh ya! I brought my Pillow with me again! =PP

For the next day, we woke up at 7 am to get ready for a short meeting.
It was Sunday! We worship our God in church and had lunch in Mamak.

Back: James, Julie, Karen, Crystal, Paul
Front: Diana, Cricket, Fun, ME, Ester
Note: I can't really name the person at the verge!
Solely can see the handssssss

James, Jeff, Crystal, Lynnette and Grace
left Malaysia and back to States already.
And, Josh went back, as well on Tuesday.
Thanks for the memorable time you guys created
and assist us in the fellowship!
God Bless You Guys!

We were beckoned to the Passion in Sunway Convention Centre after that.
Our main purpose to KL is to attend the Passion World Tour 2008.

Passion World Tour 2008 is moving around is to encourage the unity among our Christian Brethren. Let's embrace our part in God's global plan!!

Blane. Matthew

Passion Kuala Lumpur

They are so lucky to get a photo with them!!
1st photo:
Kc, Chris,
Chris Tomlin
(Christian worship leader
and songwriter), Josh

2nd photo:
Colin, Chris,
Charlie Hall
(Christian worship leader
and songwriter), Kc

So gay!!

Passion World Tour 2008 in Kuala Lumpur!!

Me. Fun

We're here!! 

Watch it! Feel so touch when this scene was shown on the screen. Anyone who is Christian can relate what's going on I guess.

Louie Giglio. Chris Tomlin. Charlie Hal.


Before deciding to go KL,
I was in dilemma and
was so upset for the time arrangement.
I was never supposed to go this conference,
but God just put me in.

I was so astounded about Louie Giglio's teaching. He's great and really preached the word that embedded in my mind!! I felt heaven on earth at that night! 4000 people from multiple streams came to unite around the fame of Jesus! How marvelous and wonderful it was!! We are there in the name of the One who is light - Jesus Christ our almighty God. The song leaded by Chris Tomlin and Charlie Hall were awesome! I felt touched as so many people were worshiping the same God and in the same time together in His name!

Went back Penang at 11.30 pm ++
and reached Penang at 3 am ++.
Bro flied car I guess. =P
Slept a while and headed to college.
What a great day!