Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Was celebrating this special event in KDU last night.
What a great night!

I'm currently using brother's laptop to write this post and am so fed up with the internet connection. So yeah just let the photos speak to u. *excuse maybe? or I'm just being lazy? =P* Few photos are uploaded since my computer still in the hospital for medical check out and I can't make any edition for the photos. Click Here to look for more photos.

First of all, I helped Piang Piang (ChinFern) to make up. See! I'm so profesional! =DD She gonna acted as a nurse ghost that really freak me out in the Ghost House session and guess what? She will be going to sing on the stage with that creepy look!

People asked: "What kind of ghost are you acting?"
hehe I've no idea =P

PiangPiang. Sunny. Ryan. ME
Ryan the OLD MAN.
He put so much effort on it and yeah
he won the best dress reward. Congrats!

ME. HuiShin.
She is so pale le! scary

That's Sunny and Jose

Yup! There we go our PiangPiang! So emo!
Showing out her glamorous on the stage! =P

PiangPiang and SaixSaix

-Original Photo-
I guess this is my favourite ghost?
Because it's green?

Who's scarier?
haha! I personally think that I can defeat this ghost!

The grave yard?

The event ended at 11.00p.m. PiangPiang, Sunny, Ryan and me headed to Northen Beach to have our supper but most of the stalls are closed! We were then proceeded to my favourite Ali mamak stall which is located near IPG. And I had Maggie Mee Goreng!! yahhh! Before ending my post I would like to share some formidable photos.
[Attention: I took these photos!!] =PP






Get Ready for youself






The ghastly ah Pek.
I fancy this photo so much!

Ghost 1: Ryan
Photographer: YEAP SHI YING

Ghost 1: Ryan
Ghost 2: Chin Fern
Photographer: me

After reaching home I was still so energetic =D

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Disted Life

-Last thing for me to do in college-

Yup. College life comes to the end already. I crave that we could have a longer time to spend together. I really meant it. Can't imagine how fast the time passes without our consciousness. Time! Why are u running so fast!?

Monday (Black)
Dr.Teo, are you happy? =D

Tues (Red / Pink / Maroon)
Group photo with Dr.Teo

-Present from us-

Thurs(Yellow / Orange / Brown)
Ms Lucy (Psychology)
Thanks for the interesting teaching!

-Next photo is temporary model and permanent model again-

Top: ca.lyeBoon.Jeshua
Bottom: Super Model (YEAP SHI YING)

And my classmates tend to call me Ghost and want me to lead the ghost pose.
Maybe after watching the Ghost clip & photos, they think ghost pose is nice?
Perhaps my pose is preculiar =DD

Wow. I have so many apprentices!
Seriously, they LOVE my ghost-pose so much =)

Mr. Ooi
Our lovely Physics lecturer =DDD

Fri (White)
Last day in college.
08.00-10.00am ESL
10.00-12.00pm Mathematics Studies
03.00-06.00pm Physics

Dr. Aw (ESL lecturer)
I like to call him Aw Aw =P
Does he look like KFC portrait?

After the Math class, it's time for photo session!
Group photo with Ms Geong.
Geong Geong makes fun all the time
and won't get bored during her class!

Korek korek korek!
me. andy

Mrs and Mr

The Nerds

Almost all the SAM students and lecturers had lunch together in....? I don't know the name. Somewhere near Island Hospital and it's a Thai Restaurant. Guess what? I just recovered and I ate a lot "healthy food"!

Dr Teo's gang
He always mentions about "orang utan"
which pronounce as "oreng uten" for white people

Mrs Geong's narrated a ghost story for us before
and this "scary" story made
someone cry in fear *who's that huh* =D

Psychology's gang
After seeing this picture,
anyone would like to ask whether
"Students who take Psychology will become psycho"?
Answer is NO obviously.

Do u see our Physics lecturer sitting there?

After lunch, for Physics students, we still have one hour break.
Then we decided to move the cars...............................









Michelle. Jeshua. YeeLing. Joon. Ca. Nigel. LyeBoon

Photographer: YEAP SHI YING
[my name always appears I know =PPPP]

jeshua. joon. liwen. peipei. ME. yeeling. carine.
michelle. xiuhui. lyeboon. nigel

And I realise.....
During the photo taking, some of my coursemates want to take photo with me with special request.... with GHOST LOOK!

He's actually my ghost friend and
I shout him "ah gui" whenever I see him.
Peng Chooi . ME

Deepak call me GHOST instead of my name or saix.

Tracy: saix, come and take a photo with ghost look.
me: ........sure........ my pleasure. haha!

Madeline a.k.a my AH MA!
ya la ya la. You hot la..
She's narcissistic. Worse than me =D

LiWen . me
One of my Physics teamate.

The last photo taken in class.

sad. I gonna miss all of you! ALL!
Memories of college life will always embed in my mind sempiternally.
Pls: Do remember me always. I'm YEAP SHI YING / saix / ghost

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Model: Yeap Shi Ying
Camera-woma: Leong Hui Hong
Venue: Disted-Stamford College

NO!! I don't want to leave Disted!!

3 more days to go..
Then I gonna say bye bye to Disted already.
Time passes relentlessly.
Seriously, I start missing all my college friends.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last Thursday
2 a.m +
While I was having my sweet dream, my big bro switched on the light and I saw him wandered here and there. Then I heard a alarm sound coming from the car outside my house. Ignoring it, I continued to sleep. But the sound of siren is too loud and noisy. I couldn't sleep after that. I decided to wake up and when I stepped out from my room.....
"Walau!!!" I screaked.
"Diam lah (shut up)." My 2nd bro came out from his room.
"what!? FLOODING lah!!" I uttered in a loud voice again.
"I know. Mami's sleeping. Don't be too loud".
"............" My first response is rebuked by bro!!
I was still vague that time. Shock gripped me! Then I went in bro's room and talked about what had happened. He was waked by our neighbour who was shrieking outside our house and banging the door for quite a long time. *Shaming* my family members are all too.... tired i guess.. hehe. The water already went in my house before 2nd bro started moving our stuffs to a higher level.


Ready for the pictures?



Motor.. gone

Cars.. gone
-2nd bro-
Responce after looking at his car

This is funny tho! haha

Still blurring


After the flooding,
my house became a jungle.
So messy and filthy!

Fishes in my house?


So disguting!

Along the road......

And my big bro's car became so fashion!

The houses in my housing area all become market now. They displayed their things outside their houses. Dry up everything.

Say WOW!~