Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last Thursday
2 a.m +
While I was having my sweet dream, my big bro switched on the light and I saw him wandered here and there. Then I heard a alarm sound coming from the car outside my house. Ignoring it, I continued to sleep. But the sound of siren is too loud and noisy. I couldn't sleep after that. I decided to wake up and when I stepped out from my room.....
"Walau!!!" I screaked.
"Diam lah (shut up)." My 2nd bro came out from his room.
"what!? FLOODING lah!!" I uttered in a loud voice again.
"I know. Mami's sleeping. Don't be too loud".
"............" My first response is rebuked by bro!!
I was still vague that time. Shock gripped me! Then I went in bro's room and talked about what had happened. He was waked by our neighbour who was shrieking outside our house and banging the door for quite a long time. *Shaming* my family members are all too.... tired i guess.. hehe. The water already went in my house before 2nd bro started moving our stuffs to a higher level.


Ready for the pictures?



Motor.. gone

Cars.. gone
-2nd bro-
Responce after looking at his car

This is funny tho! haha

Still blurring


After the flooding,
my house became a jungle.
So messy and filthy!

Fishes in my house?


So disguting!

Along the road......

And my big bro's car became so fashion!

The houses in my housing area all become market now. They displayed their things outside their houses. Dry up everything.

Say WOW!~


Esthaenie L. aka HuiHong L. said...

Haih...sleep like haven't sleep for day....called also didn't wake up.... hahhaa

Peiying said...

walau eh... didnt know the flood was that bad.
Hope for the best for you. =)

saix_ysy said...

[hh] i switched off the phone ma.. sorry lo.. remember phone my bro if i dint open my phone. ehehe.. tonight rain again.. have to be careful d.. ehhee
[py]darling! ahhaa.. it's ok la.. we 're still fine.. thanks!!

ben'|oon said...

walao... lucky my house bo flood..
if my house flood half penang island underwater liao @@

saix_ysy said...

semua orang mati lah if ur house get flooded!

Chin Fern said...

I'm here to say:

XD hahahahha.
i've never experienced flood in my entire life. i dunno to experience it either. hahah. maybe i'll cry if i see the geli geli water. -.-

saix_ysy said...

siao cha bo piang piang.. ahaha
this unfortunate experience is good but when u think of how to clean those geli geli memang pening la!

TJ said...

that's bad.. no wonder car also cannot start.. really tires level

saix_ysy said...

ya lah! i told u.. banyak masalah ni!

lansi may said...

wah..ur hse worse than my hse huh..
de water din came into our hse yet luckily..

BluRzZz` said...

lucky my house bo su o.o

T'estimo said...

wah terrible terrible, luckily u boh su xD

saix_ysy said...

[mincci]luckily ler u.. my house kena cleaned til siao lo
[wanting]me bo su la .. siao meh.. follow the water flow out? ahaa

mdg said...

oma gosh sry to hear about your house :( hope you guys are able to clean it up okay and still live there.

mh said...

my hse and ur hse cha beh toh nia la...dat nite all cars and motor eh wheels all bo ka liao...ahahaha!!!

saix_ysy said...

[mdg] hey matt! thanks for your concern! everything is fine here already.. hope u have a great time in Bangkok!
[mh] ahahha! ya la! so funny la.. hui hong's house lagi teruk lo..