Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Had a scrumptious lunch with
classmates yesterday in cafeteria of Disted
organised by Hospitality Management.
Also, we celebrated the early-birthday for Jeshua.
Green tea cake is delicious =DD

We're Baby Milo Gang
Mr and Mrs Monkey

After dancing class, met up
Wan Ting, Mincci jie jie (respectful all the time =D)
and her sisters which are my cousins as well
in Old Town.
Yup! is them again!
They are always being so brutal and
compel me to narrate story for them.
We talked something about relatives too!
And I realise i don't even know my cousins' name
and confuse which is
1st aunt, 2nd aunt, 3rd aunt, 4th aunt, 5th aunt,
1st uncle, 2nd uncle, 3rd uncle, 4th uncle, 5th uncle.......
During the big events like Chinese New Year,
I always follow my brothers' back
and just ensue them what to call my relatives.
How great to have brothers! =D

Mincci (cousin), Wan Ting (same birthday with me), me

And yeah thanks to Yi Man and Yi Wa.
See! I remember both of my lovely cousins' name at last!


T'estimo said...

is yee mun & yee wah

saix_ysy said...

AHHAHA! aiyooo shh dont tell them.. hahaa

lansi may said...

aiyo..i oso wanna mention is "yee mun" n "yee wah"..
u din send photos to me..
so i copy 1st..

saix_ysy said...

aahahahha!! dont tell ur sis ah!? hehehe..
okok.. i sumbit to ur friendster now