Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yup! It's SzeYee's birthday! A surprise party for her.
I guess this party made her flabbergasted!
Her sis, Lee Yee, was the event planner for the party!
Lee Yee and me discussed this party for a very long time ago.
(hahahahaa! you believe it?)
She didn't know we were standby-ing in BED at 5 p.m.
to welcome this 18-birthday-girl!
Hope you like it, Fish!!
Once again Happy Birthday!

Seriously, I hate your high heel.
It makes me look so SHORT!

The girls

The guys

Sze Yee and Lee Yee

I didn't follow them out for dinner as I went to dancing class.
After dancing,
Sunny, Biyoki and Lun were craving to go to Sushi King
since Miyuki is the member of Sushi King and
we can get special discount for this four days!
I did not want to go initially but Sunny kept agitating me.
And I was like "Okay lah", then pulled Fern along as well. =D

Sushi King

Model 1: Ryan
Look at how much things we ordered!

Model 2: ChinFern
The plates smell good?

Model 3: Biyoki
She was grabbing the money!

And.. Ready for the Supermodel 's photo?
Oh ya!
I'm ss again as you know =D
Model 4: Yeap Shi Ying
The best model


I'm not that short anyway =D

Top: Lun,Biyoki ,Sunny,Ryan
Bottom: me,Fern

Wow Waw

Before snapping,
me: Hey we pose something different
Girl becomes Guy
Guy become GAY
Lun. You're the Champion!!

Ryan & me

From left
Fern. me. Biyoki. Sunny. Lun. Ryan


Esthaenie L. aka HuiHong L. said...

And the credit goes to my Energizer AA batteries?

saix_ysy said...

hahahaaa!! correct! now 4 of them exhausted already! =DDD

Anonymous said...

ah lun looks really gay in the pictures :P ..omigosh ask him not to make those girly faces

Anonymous said...
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T'estimo said...

happy birthday to sze yee!

saix_ysy said...

will pass the msg for her!

danielord said...

that day
i saw a similar people as you at e-gate sushiking,and i never think that realy is you
!!lol,i am wearing black singlet
saw me? XD i at VIP room
that day just standing beside your friends

ben'|oon said...

aaa bo call me T_T
hahahaha glad u had a great time
i thk i was busy doting that time too =.='

saix_ysy said...

[danielord]haha!! wow! i didn't see u leh.. aiya! u should come toward me and say hi ma..
[bj] last minute wan go one how to call u wor.. pai seh la..Sushi damn nice i tell u! hahaha

ben'|oon said...

waliao!!!! dont xia me!!

danielord said...

not i dont want say hi
cant recognize because you change long hair d
later wrong people then i sia sui =X

Chin Fern said...

always call urself supermodel! ALAMAK! ME ok. (Oops, i didnt say that, my hand just type that uncontrollably )

saix_ysy said...

[bj]i like to xia u leh! haha
[danielord]if wrong recognise ppl just say sorry ma.. aiyoo.. miss the chance to see long-lost-friend like u!
[chinfern] excuses lah u!!! self-praising again!! hahaha