Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farewell 27 April

Last Monday around 10.30 a.m., I was waked by my mum. She said Hui Hong and Caren were waiting me downstair. Ahh?? I was still feeling drowsy and dozy but I tried to roll myself up. They wanted to have breakfast together or instead I can say is brunch time? After I brushed my teeth, I suggested whether they want to try homemade breakfast from the super ho liao saix saix or not as I brought back Egg Mayo from coffee bean past few days.

The early birds that broke my dream while I was still sleeping
Caren . Leong

Coffee Bean uses toaster but I use microwave =D

Process of making breakfast
Look at me! I was still half-awake!

Coffee Bean Farmer's Egg VS saix saix's Yummy's Egg

Sandwiches from Coffee Bean served with side salad and coffee or tea.
So... ehhee..
Sandwiches from saix saix served with chocolate and fresh milk

I went to Sunshine Farlim with Leong to buy some stuffs for my departure soon. In the evening, BenJoon, Lyk, YitChoong, Beh and JiaYik gathered in my house then we proceeded to Hui Guo Zhi Jia steamboat restaurant as a farewell for me =(

Fishball was blinded!!

The Killers
Beh . BenJoon

Ouch.. What a surprise!!

My cake
thanks thanks thanks!!

*click the picture to enlarge

The girls
ca. saix. aiMun. jaslyne

THE GIRLS again!
Jon? girl? gay?

if not, the punishment will be like this!!

Jon. saix. ChunYang

You know what..
When I snapped this group picture for them,
I nearly wanted to cry already...
Thanks for the uncountable happiness you guys bring to me!!


After that, we went to the "trend" place, Coffee Island.

We played "UNO" cards

We joked

We laughed
chiKai. Beh. chunYang

We acted

We shared
saix . benJoon . beh
We camwhore
aiMun. Jas. ca. saix
We drank
Do you ever drink like him?

No edited on Beh's eyes!

The crowd

Twin tower!??!?
zhenYi . me . chiKai
pls: Mr. Kong zhenYi,
no need to feel pai seh
because both of you were late. =)

pls: Mr. Lee chiKai,
you seem so happy I'm leaving huh?

Before reaching home, I decided to play basketball near my housing area. So, chunYang, benJoon and me showed our "skills" in the court. =P I have ages didn't play basketball already but still I enjoy playing all the times!

nice pose?

cacat pose?

I'm leaving Penang so soon..
Heavy heart =(
Have a strange feeling these days.
People, must MISS ME!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Hello people. For your grieve information, I was involved in an accident this morning.

Time: 7.40 am
Venue: Jalan Lahat
Story: I was driving to work in coffee bean. skip skip skip. Conclusion: My fault. I hit TWO cars within 10 seconds! I bang the Honda Civik tayar then hit another Proton Wira which were both parked on the roadside. I can't describe the feeling when I knocked the car. This is my first time to get in a big traffic trouble! What I mean is really BIG trouble!! I shrieked for the first time when I hit the car then yelled my head off when hitting the second time. I sat rooted in fear after that and stunned for a while. I phoned call my family with face stiffened with fear and, seriously, my hands were shivering in terror.

The first car I hit. Look at the tayar..
Not really serious right?













The front part..


Can't really see the seriousness yet right?







Let's see
the NEW proton wira now..







What have I done?!??


The victim's car

My heart was still palpitating real fast even though the Wira owner, Mrs. Teh, kept consoling me. She told me it's okay, accident is part of life which everyone will go through. What do you think about this? My big brother reached first then followed by 2nd brother and WeiYee. My mum rushed back from Youth Park and gave me a piece of tongue-lashing. =( Was moody + confused + fearful + bemused the whole morning. But thanks BenJoon for entertaining me by playing guitar and sing sipek nice song =) Then I proceeded to the car repaired shop to do some insurance stuff.

And I saw the poor car destroyed by me again........

=( I have a strange feeling when saw all this entire thing
as this place seems like keeping a lot of DEAD BODY.

After that, I went to police station to do report. Again, my FIRST TIME going to police station.

Then I espied the policemen having gathering. How smart they are?
Can't blame for my 38-ness =P

Was waiting quite a while for my turn to make report. Steve came and find me after that. Thanks for waiting 30 minutes which is sipek LONG for him. I realised the policemen are quite amiable. You know why? I have a new friend named Sarjan Jamil, who in charge of my case. He said during the incident happened, I kept on thinking about coffee AND bean, coffee AND bean, coffee AND bean, then I said "ya la.. lama lama jadi Mr.Bean" (Translation: yes, slowly become Mr.Bean). And we talked a lot which are out of topic of accident. ha! And now I know why sometimes police report needs to take so much longer time. =D Instead of copping the logo on the black and white paper, Sarjan Hamil gave me this..


PLS: Accident is totally NOT COOL and NOT FUN!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm officially 19 year old now! Been busy working nowadays and internet connection has something wrong causing me to delay my BIRTHDAY post. grrrr..
yes yes! Let the photos to narrate the history =P

16th April (birthday EVE EVE =D)

I fancy this photo!
Pls take note to the DSLR camera!! =PP

The View

no editing


Triple S
Shiying_Saix . Steve . Sim KaySen
Sipek Seok Sendiri
Sipek Siang Superman
can you think of other?

Sony Alpha
saix's . kaySen's . steve's

17th April (Birthday Eve)

After working in coffee bean, I went to play frisbee with the Connexion people.

Wow. my brother dashed to get the frisbee plate.
Although it is a lil bit blur, still nice shot right?

Rushed back after that and get ready for the movie! MALL COP is really awesome!! Super Duper Very FUNNY!

HuiSan . Steve . TaoZui/Soya/Evan

The movie ended at 11 something, we went to Jelutong jetty to have a countdown! =D I receive the FIRST phone call from Chi Kai + Zhen Yi before 12am. Awww! So touch! And please! Kong Zhen Yi! your voice doesn't sound like Chi Kai at all. Making me drown into a vague situation!! Shun Wei, my best best best brother + sister, called me too. So sweet =D. I hang off the phone continue testing the camera tripod stand (gift from Steve!). I tried to capture the night view but it was to no avail. Cannot focus ='( They kept on telling me to try another angle and after that......

Oh my ...!!! They took out the cake for me! How smart they hide the cake huh! ahhh! I was astounded! Steve kept on telling me that they forget to buy cake. So I suspected they were fooling me. But then Steve said "no cake is meaningless during birthday". And when passing some shops, he asked whether want to buy cake or not. This made my suspection vanished and I thought "it's ok.. No cake only what.. =D". What a surprise!!!

I wish.......................

A million thank you to Steve, HuiSan and TaoZui!!
18th April (MY BIG DAY)
"huh? Why you didn't request off day?!"
"birthday also need to work?"
"No need to work lah!"
Lots of different and hillarious replies thou. What to do? I planned to end my work before my birthday but I'm too good and, of course, I'm a responsible staff, my managersssss don't want me to leave yet asking me to stay for more days. So yes =D

Coffee Bean staff
Oh ya, I forget to tell you guys
that I passed my recert =P

My closest buddy
I like to call her Ah Nan.
Tamil: Ah nan pai tiaok loo zii

Thanks Kelly for singing birthday song for me using sign language!

Then, movie time again! PLEASE DON'T WATCH "COMING SOON"!! I bet I can act as a ghost better than them. =DD

ca . saix .
mana hu?? where did Fish go?

Before the movie, they played snooker. Addicted to the Hong Kong movie series "The King of Snooker"?

Nice shot nice edit! ahhahaaa!
self praising is my hobby =D
*click to enlarge

At night, proceeded to Vilson & Jenny's wedding dinner.

May Lord blessed both of you =)
*click to enlarge

The crowd to share the hapiness
*click to enlarge

Yes. I look ho liao because is my birthday! =D

Congrats again!

My high spirit of birthday was still burning after the wedding. Steve and KaySen came and picked me to have photoshoot together but end up we were like keep rounding the penang island. ha!

Just like last year, I typed out all the SMS - birthday wishes =)

WaiYean 嗨,有人在吗?我是送货的,麻烦你验收一下,这里有个祝福,要送给你你。那就是*love shape writing Happy Birthday* 你一定要收下它哦!
BenJoon hey happy birthday in advance la i cannot tahan d good night have a blessed one k?
KaySen happy 19birthday saix... Hope all your dreams come true...
ShiLing dear sai, although there r dufferent types of sai in the world, u r stil the most special....
Matthew Cheah happy birthyday!!!
Jaslyne Happy Birthday Saix!! Hopefully this year n the coming year u won't look like sai no more! But ure still out forever Saix! Love you! Hugs n kisses!
QiuFen happy birthday ya , friend ! haha ...
Sally Happy birthday saix.
WanTing Saix saix...happy birthday ya^^ may all your dreams come true and good luck in everything! Friends forever muax
HuiHong Happy birthday my best buddy!! Love ya!! [thanks for the drawing! Love it!]
ZhongHern 千里之外的信息,充满着我对你的祝福。希望你劳一岁能比你以前那天真幼稚的‘你’过得更快乐,更开心,更精彩。。。祝你生日快乐,心想事成!加油!
Mincci Happy birthday..all the best ya..stay happy n healthy..take care..enjoy =)
LiuYan Happy birthday shit shit.join me in lao zha bo dot com. (old women dot come)
HuiHui Yo.happy birthday,gd luck in kl and have a blessed yr ahead. =)
yy Happy birthday to you.. Hahaha.. Take care and all the best..
unknown Happy birthday to u. wish u all the dream come true, all the best.
GauHwang *self-singing-birthday song* Paiseh..late ki..set reminder d but playing basketball just now..paiseh.happy birthday o!
EeLynn hey sister!happy birthday to u! selamay hari jadi!by sadly 2say that u r getting older lo..!may god's luv continue 2 flow within u ya! enjoy ur day! god bless u!
ShuYing Happy birthday! do u wan anything as birthday present?
TeeLin Hey.. hapi birthday o...may god bless u all the best!! =)
Evonne Happy birthday!!!!
lyk Siao poh..happy birthday!!! Haha
Mag Hey saix.haha happy birthday, hoho u're more mature 1 yr de, wish u have a wonderful 19 birthday, c u gd nite, mwahs =D
ChiYuen Although we Arent familiar, i can still remember now. saix's big day. Haha. Happy birthday. All the best to you. Stay pretty always :)
ShunWei wish u all the best and hv a v nice birthday and ur dream come true~luv u^^ Bro~ i wan slp le~drink more water a~ care about urself~nitez
SzeYee Saix.. Happy birthday.. Take care n happy always ya.. =).. Hugs.. Sisters forever..
MeiHuey Happy birthday yeap shi ying!
LeeMing Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to da jie saix Happy birthday to you.. Wish you all the best and dreams come true
FATHER wakie-wakie birthday girl
Kai Kai Happy birthday! hav a great day n may all ur dreams come true! keep grown in Christ i pray that He will lead u 2 another yr that is fruitful! c u soon! =)
PhaikSun YEAP SHI YING..happy birthday to you..wish you can find your white horse prince asap ya..be happy always..
ChaiYing Miss yeap..happy birthday !! 2day is ur bday..bt i cant celebrate with u..vy paiseh..wish all ur dreams come true..may god bless ur day..
Elaine *pictures* DELIVERY of Birthday cake from Me to u.. Happy Birthday! ('',)
ChinHooi 今天你牛一哦!恭喜生日,贺喜生日 ,福如东海,寿比乌龟,千秋万载,一统江湖。“猪”你生日快乐!
Loong Happy birthday 2 u!! wish u all d best in ur future ^;^
karGuan HaPpY BirthdAy saix.. =)
Melvern Happy birthday!
ksp hey, saix! Happy 10th Birthday!! May all ur dreams come true n alwiz stay siao siao =D jk jk. Happy Birthday agn! yes yes, u old 1 year ad. Sounds familiar? =P
HuiYuen sis..happy birthday!
sue-yin Saix.. Happy birthday..
MingChieh Yoyo..happy birthday o..
HooiFang Hey captain! Happy birthday to you! Haha. 'xuan zhuan~xuan zuan~'.. XD
Nanthini Good Friends don't always need togetherness, don't always need everyday conversation. As long as the Friendship lives in the HEART, it remains FOREVER. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR"
Aunty Wei ah sai....big2 day today huh! happy birthday! try to arrange monday or tuesday go makan lah..
Linda Hey, saix saix! Happy birthday yea! Wish u happy alwaz!
LiLing Happy birthday!!
Su Ting Happy burfday saix saix.. XD enjoy ur day oo. May ur wishes come true. =)
JiLing Happy birthday 寿星女 :)
terSern Happy birthday!! =)
Shaun Hey, happy birthday.
GuatPheng Hey Happy birthday my fren!
SaoYun Saix saix! Happy blessed birthday! May your wish come true =)
YiWen happy birthday.
Vivian hey, birthday girl.. almost forget bout it until i saw ur blog..hah..enjoy urself yea.. hugs =)
Caren Hey saix. Happy belated bday. Sori yea 4gten =X
ChewXing Saichi! tdy ur buftday? Hapi buftday ya~ xoxo :)
AikWei Hey old sista happy belated birthday yo. Happy using dslr.
Kevin Happy belated bday
Peiying Oh dear, i thought i've sent you the bday wish but i just found it in my drafts. Really really sorry. I wld like to wish you a happy belated bday and i hope you had a great one few days back. Dai kor luey. Good luck in ur future undertakings and may ur dreams come true. Keep that spirit you have with you.

Thanks for the present

Lastly, still, I want say endless thanks thanks thanks to everyone!!!