Saturday, May 30, 2009


What I can say now is
so shock weii!!
thanks to YOU

Friday, May 29, 2009

Laugh with me

I did a very funny and stupid thing just now.
You know what. I went to friend's room which is at 3rd floor.
And take note that my room is at 1st floor.
I walked out from my friend's room then walked to 2rd floor.
Took out my key, I twisted the key into the hole of door.
"Why the key is like stucking there?"
I dazed at the door. It's "no. 226".
I giggled and dashed away.
My room is no. 126.
I can't imagine what if the resident of 226 come out?
and asked
"Girl, what's wrong with you?"

Oh ya, so funny.. I think so?
Credit to Google Search

Sunday, May 24, 2009


SanSang, YikTeeng and me went back to hostel after having our dinner. There was a concert "爸妈,老歌献给您!" [Daddy & mummy, dedicate old songs for you ]in the campus we staying. To overcome our curiousity, we went in to have a look. Oh! It's actually a Christian activity. I don't even know that. They use the chances to evangelise by having sort of a singing concert. Overall is GOOD ones.

The performances
I don't know their name since I was late for the concert.
Name them as B & A then.



The crowd

I'm so blessed with this activity. They work for God spreading the good news for everyone. B is actually sick but he leans on the power of Christ to do his best on the stage. They shared some testimonials for us as well.

The story that make me real touch goes like this..
There was an old lady staying away from house and her sons to work. Her sons always asked the old lady for money. Money for payment of houses, cars, education fee for their sons & daughters even grandchildren, etc. The old lady loves them so much and sent money back to them when they requested through letter.

Until the age of 70, the old lady was fatigue wanting to visit her sons and the family. She wrote a letter telling them she's going home and asked them to provide accommodation for her. Unexpectedly, to her surprise, the sons replied "Mum, you don't need to come back. We don't have room for you to stay." She stunned! She wiped and howled. Throwing herself on her bed, she burst into tears. She was abandoned by his sons and really disappointed about his sons' deed. Every night, she cried and felt asleep unconsciously.

Coincidently, the evangelisms team, included A and B, went to spread gospel around the area where the old lady stay. They shared the biblical truth for her bringing her to church. Her heart was opened. God speaks through her heart. She knows the Saviour, Jesus Christ the Lord, and how much Jesus Christ loves her never abandoning her. Accepting Christ, she knows that she live not for her family but for Him. From the moment, she rejoices of everything. She keen to go "home", not the earthy "home", but the heavenly "home". What a blessed!! That does truly touch my heart. Say "AMEN" with me!

After that, there was a prayer that whoever want to receive the grace of God, just raised your hand. Praise the Lord that 4 people raised their hands tonight! BLESS! And, I want to thanks God that His Holy Spirit is actually working unto my friend, Yu Ting. She did follow me to church once and she showed some interest of Christianity. I asked whether she want to raise her hand when the prayer was requested. She raised half but giggled around. I don't know whether she was joking with me or serious? I have no idea but people out there, please pray for her as well as SanSang who is kind of anti-Christian. What I can do is to tell them about the truth, pray for them and commit everything into His mighty hands.

Learn a sentence in the church today.
Jesus says

Glory to the Lord!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Basketball friendly match (CBU - UCSI)

I think I have about one year didn't watch basketball match already. I used to follow my big brother or his friends or my friends to do one of my favourite thing - watch basketball competition! yahhh! Went to watch basketball friendly match between UCSI and CBU brought by Uncle Rodney. Well, it was something different yesterday as I was busy snapping photos instead of watching the match! This is my first time taking movement pictures in basketball match using DSLR. My left eye nearly dropped down after snapping non-stop for more than one hour. I really have a lot to improve my skill in photography!! DO COMMENT guys! CLICK HERE for more photos.

California Baptist University of USA
CBU Team

UCSI team

See the LOVE of God?
Prayer is important =)


NO! Don't see two guys in the front.
Seem like a lizard sticking on the wall right?


Samuel Gomez
He's indeed tall!!
Do you believe?


See! I told you!
*Don't say I'm short!!!
But say HE'S TALL
He's the only one requested take picture with me
and yeah this's the only picture I'd taken in the court.

Group photo

After the match, supper time!! -with the team

The crowd

They drank A LOT!

Love this picture!

Guess what. I slept at 4 something last night.
I was still in the exuberant spirit and didn't feel sleepy AT ALL!
Or maybe the table light was turned on by my roommate
distracting my mind that it was in the pale of dawn?
I DON'T LIKE to get insomnia! And..
I was woke by my roommate at 7.30am
when she kept her stuffs before going to school.
What I can say is .. CAN DIE! aiyoyo..
Hope I can get used of all that.

I've three weeks didn't see you all already!!
Still not home-sick yet! Muahahaa!!

I got to know something really amused me just now!
And, it's not only scare "you" off but also me!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Had a non-stop activities yesterday!

07.00am Basketball
01.30pm Wings - Youth Fellowship
03.00pm Choir

Can you believe she's actually studying History?

"NOOOOO! I'm camera shy!"

Kai Seng
"Don't disturb me. I'm studying hard for my exam"
"I'm a hardworking future-PHD student"

06.00pm Mid Valley
08.00pm Watch Angels & Demons

The people in Cinema
Kai Seng . Daniel . (Andrew) . Ivy . Bryan . Tim
Robert . Peter . Ivan . Andrene . Andrew

Friday, May 15, 2009



Finally I get the answer.
And I'm happy with that.
Although it's a sad case, I still appreciate it.

Happened: 15.5.09
Received: 16.5.09
Signed off: 16.5.09

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The people around me (KL)

I gonna post all the photos of the people around me in kl. yahhhh.. But I didn't get to take EVERYONE's photo. sign..


The first person I know in the first day in class

My so called "TWIN".
TWIN here not means that we look like tho. =D

Yong Sim
The very-soft-and-quiet-girl

She is a tuition teacher as part time job!

She said: "NO! Don't snap my photo yet!
WAIT WAIT! I think of a pose first."

"Like this nice right?"

She's the only one call me AH SAIX =P

Ooopss. How to spell her name?

A very "soft" girl as well.
She always bullies me one!

The only Mascom student

Extra: Janize + YongSim

Yesterday I met another new friend, BaoLing, in bus. She is a student of Psychology and same intake with me. As usual topic, we talked about university life and so on. She asked me whether know them (the people mentioned above) for a very long time already. Then I said no, I don't even know any one who is taking Psychology once I stepped in the class. She was like so amused with my answer saying that we all seem like knowing each other for a long period. wow.. In conclusion, we're actually sociable hahaa! =DD

Other than Coursemates

My so-close-ROOMMATE!
She's like my sister now.
And we talk about EVERYTHING =D

uh! She was my COLLEGE friend.
So obviously, we come from the same hometown - PENANG!
Kai Seng
"Need to pay one weii!"

Still the same, the lamest guy

Robert & Tim
Thanks for bringing us out for dinner in KK Cafe

Hostel friends + Church friends
JingHua . SanSang . YuTing . Tim . Robert

I don't understand people out there. WHY you guys like to hide from camera??

JingHua : My cloth is nicer than me

JingHua + Joe : NOOOOO


.... Speechless ....

Bonus: My room is messy now

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Here is some quick post for today. Yup! Today is Sunday! Robert picked up Kai Seng and me to church. This is my third day going to Cheras Baptist Church. Today is a special day for every mothers! Yeah! Happy Mothers's Day!!

The band

Mothers were sharing mothers' experiences

After church service, Robert, Kai Seng, Daniel and me went to have lunch together in..... somewhere near my hostel. Aiya.. forget the name. =P
Kai Seng
The very "free" man who is facing examination now.
Good luck!
He can't stop arguing with Robert about EVERY THINGS.
Are they........? ooopss =D

Daniel A good pianist!
And a very lame guy! hahaa
He said "I have class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday"
Why don't he say "I have classes from Monday to Friday"?

A lot of funny things happened after dropping KaiSeng and Daniel off.
haha! He's hilarious!!
We even called to Taxi Centre to check whether the number of centre is correct or not.
"Hello, public cab"
"Sorry, wrong number"

My Shredded Chicken Hor Fun.

Highlight of today:

Happy Mothers' Day

In the church, as the spokeman was praying just now,
I couldn't stop thinking of my mum.
Few tears rolled down tho.. =(
First tears in KL?
I know nothing to be proud but I still want to mention =D
Last year, my big brother and me celebrated
mothers' day in Japanese restaurant.
One year later, I couldn't make it for the special day.
Somehow I feel like mum is so far yet so near to me.


Yeap mummy!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!