Friday, May 8, 2009

The First Friday Here

Title of today is
The First FRIDAY Here
Sound cool right?
I think it's pretty peculiar =D

Yup! As mentioned in previous post, I have no class today. So, I met Rachel, helper of children camp last year, to have lunch together in Taizi Cafe.

That's us in Children Adventure Camp last year

I didn't expect we can meet again actually!

Her & her drink

me & my drink

Rachel's Cheese Baked Chicken Rice

I forget to take picture of my food. hehe.. Was starving that time.
But no worries, I managed to get picture after my meal. =P
TA DAAA! Look delicious also right?

Some previews of my university. Took the pictures when on the way back to hostel.
What a nice shot! =D
UCSI University
Look at the ocean blue sky!

side way

View of hostel

You know what? I'm glad that my msn was able to work out when viewing webcam today. Normally, it will disconnect after FEW SECONDS viewing contact's webcam. Although it did disconnect but at least I could see my friends for at least 15 minutes! Was on webcam with Yit Choong, Lyk and Wei Yee.
Yit Choong the siao gia

Even though I'm in KL right now, Wei Yee said she feels that I'm not away from Penang. My mum even thought I'm at home when she saw Wei Yee. Then she giggled her mistake. Aiyoyo.. I know they miss me very much =D . In fact, me too, I don't feel like I'm in KL. What on earth is that huh? =P I have a lot of chances to go back Penang actually, but the home-sick-ness haven't reach the maximum. Thanks to my mum! I was trained from young to be independent ahahaa!! Neyo - Miss Independent flashes in my mind now =D .
So in conclusion, daddy, mummy, da ge & HuaXin (big brother & his gf), er ge & WeiYee (2nd brother & his gf) and all my lovely friends, please don't worry about me =) I will take good care of myself!


R-Cha said...

it was cheese baked pork rice la...

saix_ysy said...

nvm la.. the main is rice hahahaa

Chin Fern said...

she got her own thing, that's why I love herrrr..! Haha.
Sai sai sai sai sai sai sai! I'm glad that you are having the time of your life! =DDD I hope to kacau u one day in KL!

saix_ysy said...

INDEPENDENT! woo!! ahhaaa
thank you PIANG! i miss chatting with u!!