Monday, May 4, 2009

New Life

As you guys know, I'm currently staying in Kuala Lumpur already.
Studying B.A (Hons) Psychology in UCSI, Cheras.

Last picture I took before departure to KL.
Obviously this is not my shoes =)

As I mentioned in my previous post that
the night before I wrote some letters for my family.

When I checked-in my hostel, I was like "WHATTTT!!?!??" Can you imagine the dust and HAIRS all over the floor? That's not cool at all!! So, I started the cleaning chores. Wiped the tables, chairs, cupboard,.. sweep, mop,..
Before cleaning and unpacking.
I really racked my brain!
How to settle?
But somehow you know I'm smart. I kept on saying "Cool Cool, it's done.. Cool Cool, all clean.. COOOOL". Okay, no doubt, I couldn't stop talking to myself =D
Tell you IT'S COOL right?
Look like a HOTEL now =D


I actually have hobby of diary writting =)
Now talk about the first day in university. It was terrible, horrible and vegetable! I woke up at 6.30am and get ready myself to wait the shutter bus to school at 7.30am. I didn't take bus for a very long time already but what to do? No transportation here. I didn't expect sooooooo many people to take bus and guess what? I couldn't squeeze in the bus! And I followed some of the girls which are my new new new friends to walk to school. WALK! yes. From North Wing to South Wing. Walking for about 20 minutes, I sweat like crazy man! My class actually starts at 9.30am but the marketing and management in charge person, Steve, asked me to look for Miss Norul for further information since I skipped the orientation. He asked me find her AS EARLY AS I CAN. And what happen next? I waited for her for ONE HOUR!! and after that I got to know she on leave. COOL! Fine, I forgive her. =P I was like losting my directions there. Everyone is unfamiliar to me. strangers everywhere. After I went in Study Skill class, I asked: Excuse me, are you student of Psychology. She said oh yes! COOL. And I got Janize as my first classmate! Later on got to know Xiao Hoi, Sherri, Yong Sim, Melody, Weng Hong,.. and a lot more but I forgot their names =DDD
That's all for first day in UCSI! Oh yeah, hopefully I will be loving this university pretty soon!!


gauhwang™ said...

ur room larger than mine...>.<
stupid usm...

saix_ysy said...

hohoho.. come UCSI then!!!

e v o n n e said...

good luck and all the best!!

saix_ysy said...

thank you!! =)

T'estimo said...

hey u're in KL!
sigh we're having hols girl
make sure we meet up when we're in kl k?
good luck girl, u definitely can make it =)
btw, song lin's in UCSI too!

saix_ysy said...

yes yes yes contact me contact me!
yeah i met her yesterday so surprise to see her there!

dabizi said...

dun go n 勾ppl ar....!

yoh!our friend miss alot , he/she/it said.

saix_ysy said...

he/she/it still remember us huh?!?!? ahhaha
eiii i where got GOU ppl!??

Name: Juanita said...

all the best! =)

Name: Juanita said...
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saix_ysy said...

thank you JUA!