Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pray hard

Hope EVERYTHING is fine..

Sunday, June 21, 2009


don't understand

Outing on Saturday

yup. I had an adventurous day yesterday - Saturday.

After playing basketball, I went to Pudu to find Yit Choong who coming to KL from Melaka. So I took shutter bus to station. Before reaching the station, I realised something. I remember after I had my breakfast, I left RM1 and didn't take extra money out with me! I was in a quandary. Then, I took out my wallet to seek for coins. Ah! Luckily I still had some coins and managed to get RM1.70 to Pudu. Phew.. A trembling really ran down my spine. I left RM0.50 after that. Reached Pudu, surprisingly, Ming Yeong was there also! He drove to KL from Kampar. Really walau.. And our timing is so accurate. Three of us reached Pudu in almost the same time from different places of departure!

Went to Time Squares. We strolled for about half an hour to find a suitable place to have lunch. Can you imagine that? Then, we watched Drag Me to Hell. YES YES YES I love that!! It's recommended to watch! Horror + disguting movie which can make u jump out of your skin.

Laugh more lah!

He was playing MSN promoted by Digi.
But he got charged a lot even though
it was RM3 per month announced by Digi.
I wonder why..

He's thin as a stick!!
nmy, please don't simply throw the flyer!!!

Visited my hostel after that. What I can say is yc and nmy have a GOOD SENSE OF DIRECTION! Note: Three of us are Penang Kia! [From Penang get crazy all the way to KL huh?] Because of the direction was led by me, we passed through two tolls and paid RM2. *shame. Supposedly, going from Time Square to Cheras no need to pass any toll. *shy again. We nearly get lost.. Both of them kept saying "it's ok.. no need to feel sorry". BUT in the same time they kept mentioning about the mistake I made!!! my blood artery really want to burst out! grrrr.

We tattered in cafeteria and after that joined SanSang, YikTeeng, Ah Wei and JiaJia for dinner in KK Cafe (again). THEN, we went to Look Out Point, A place where you can see the whole view of Kuala Lumpur!! wow wow!

1st: JiaJia . SanSang
2nd: Ah Wei . YikTeeng
3rd: YitChoong . MingYeong

And me!
(in case you guys forget my look =D)

Kuala Lumpur! Here I Am!

The wonderful creation of God!!

Adventurous thing happened again. Ah Wei them still want to stay for a while, so yc, nmy and me leave first since it was 11.30pm already. My hostel's door will be closed after 12am. yc's GPS still couldn't function so we depend on our SENSE again! Yup, again and again, we lost. When we phoned Ah Wei for help, they already reached hostel. walau.. At last, the two smartie of direction successfully sent me back to hostel. It was 11.58a.m.! I dashed to room at 12.00a.m. very chi kek.. If the door is locked, I gonna sleep outside the road! ha! What a nice day!! yahh

Yes, today is Happy Fathers' Day!

YEAP papa!! Happy Fathers' Day!!
Have a long long long periods didn't see u already!
miss + love

Pastor showed us a clip of
Heavenly Father's Love Letter in church.
A lot of bible verses are shown and
I was really blessed and touched by them.
Thank you Heavenly Father and Earthy Father!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Opening the window for air circulation,
I'm pouring intelligently and
online at the same time in my room alone.
As I mentioned, I have no class every Fri
and yes, I enjoy this kind of life.

Then, like now,
a pit pat of the rain dropping on the rooftop evokes my blue feeling.

I took out my camera to capture the gloomy scene
trying to express how I feel..

Somehow, I feel like going home..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to My BRO

Today is my 2nd brother's birthday!!

He look cuter than me huh?
Okay, I'm jealous!

He always teases me
(I know this is caring =D)

He always bullies me
(I know this is a way to build relationship =P)

and MOST IMPORTANT thing is

He ALWAYS denies we look ALIKE!

Can you believe it?
He even asked me to change surname to
Mat Saix so that people won't know we're sibling
since people said we're duplicated
except gender and HEIGHT.

And, there was one time Hui Hong wrote her status in Facebook
"had a bad dream last night =("
Guess what my brother replied her?
"hm... told u to stop dreaming about my sister"

Wa!! So mean right? yes.. That's my brother!
Anyway, I'm glad to have a mean brother like him! hahaa!

Lastly, I want to say
er ge!!!

May Lord blesses your every day and
continue growing into the full stature of Christ!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Study? Fun?

What I've done this week instead of studying
for THREE tests coming soon??

*All photos taken in few days back*

-Title for Today-

What is study?

Photo snap first!
-Jin Xin-

Eat First!
-Yen ji ji-

Drink First!

Play first!

Sleep First!

Look at my sexy back first!
-Tong koko-

Nice performances! Good job for all the drummers!
Thanks Siong koko for bringing me there!

Ok! Start racking my head now!

Enough for all the fun times!

Good luck for tests!!
Introduction of Psychology 1
Study Skill and Employability
Statistic of Psychology

More tests next week and ASSIGNMENTS!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spectacles Day

WooHoo! Today is Spectacles' Day!
Yup. We actually planned to wear glasses together,
not coincidence =D
From top left: Abigail . Cai . Sherri . Janize . MINE .
YongSim . XiaoHou . Chin ee . XueLi
(Pardon me if I'm wrong =P)

The group
All wearing glasses!!
We study a lot huh?

me . YongSim . Abigail . XiouHoi . Janize

This is for you guys!

Another BONUS
First group photo taken last week after presentation

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to Penang

I reached Penang last Thursday at 9pm. I took shutter bus, LRT, bus back to Penang ALONE! Fuiyo! So proud of myself! Luckily I didn't get lost! =DD Initially, I actually planned to back with Ji Yi but too bad his class ended at 5pm. I just can't wait to go back earlier so I didn't wait for him. After reaching the sweet and warm Penang island, thanks Kay Sen for picking me and after that met up with Steve. Yes! Reunion of Triple "S"! =D My family didn't know I'm coming back so it was a surprise for them, especially my mum! She kept saying me "crazy girl" when I phoned her telling her that I'm in Penang already. She just couldn't believe. I know she misses me a lot =D ha! After I get back home, I straight to her room and wake her up and still, she said me "crazy girl".

Oh yea. I LOVE this feeling.
Long lost feeling huh?
-Triple "S"-
kaySen . Steve
Snapping non-stop when the food came!
3 users of SONY ALPHA =D

Dry noodle with chicken shredded
in Noodle Station, E-gate

I forget the name =D

Okay. I just summarize how I spent my 3 days "holidays" in Penang. A lot of unstoppable activities! yes, I LIKE IT!

Watch Seventeen Again
with Gau Hwang, Sam, daiLou,
forget-the-name, ChengZheng, ShengYang
Strongly recommend to watch!!

Fried Rice in Prangin

Visit my dearest Nanthini in Coffee Bean

my ex-manager
How wish I'm still working in Coffee Bean!!

And yeah! I get free food and free drink from them!! YAHH

Double Vanilla Ice Tea Latte
New drink in coffee bean.
Must try!

My favourite all time
Egg Bens

Photoshot in Botanical Garden with

My cousin
Siong koko

Nikon user

And, Kay Sen

Steamboat - Farewell of Yit Choong
MeiXun, YingYun, Jon, ChunYang, BenJoon, lyk, ShuVern
??, YitChoong, Beh, MingYeong, ??
*Jaslyne is missing

Group photo in Bistro Sunset

Hair cut with brother and WeiYee

Birthday celebration
Nice game introduced by Jon

Happy Birthday (7 June)

Carine Ong

Jia Yik

Bonus of the day

Yeap Kuan Chin . Yeap Shi Ying
Brother, admit la!

CLICK HERE for more photos