Friday, July 31, 2009


hahahahahahahahaaa!!! I dreamt about something that is something which totally get ride of my confusion! hahahhahahahahahaahaa!

According to Sigmund Freud, ............ alright, enough for the topic of assignments! hahaa.. Somehow, I'm excited for the one week holiday on the end of August!! Can't wait can't wait!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Temporary Freedom

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I'm temporary free now!! yahhh
Done 2 presentations and 1 assignment within this 4 days!

29.7.09 (Wednesday)
Introduction to Psychology 1 Group Presentation

Our topic is about L.O.V.E. oh yeahhh! And I act as a guy in the drama and my darling is my twin, Abigail. GOOD JOY TO EVERYONE! I really enjoyed it!

saix saix saix

Shirly (Dion's friend), Chai (pastor), Abigail (Celine),
ME (Dion), ChinEe (Celine's friend), YongSim (Narracter)

Note: Me and Abby are Celine Dion! =D

Combination of two group of presentators!

Picture credit to ChinEe

30.7.09 (Thurs)
Introduction to Psychology 2 Group Presentation

Topic of the presentation is Attitude but our drama focused on Persuasive.

Central Route (role play)
Angela - promoter
YongSim - buyer

Peripheral Route (role play)
Abigail - the mother
ShiYing_saix_ME - the daughter

Persuasion related to David Beckham

Picture credit to Janize

TWO more tests to go!!
2.8.09 (Sat) Statistics for Psychology
6.8.09 (Wed) Introduction for Psychology 1


Monday, July 27, 2009


Headed to Pekaka to play frisbee after reaching Penang. In fact, I was not playing but busy snapping the photos. Quite satisfy with the photos I took! yahhh! CLICK HERE for more photos!

Look at Jeff!
They're back from Califonia! But then gonna leave soon!
The last time I meet them here!


My brother was catching the plate!

What's everyone looking at?

Ehsan! Block my brother!!

Daniel . Ehsan

Group photo

And, 25th July is the BIG DAY for my mum!! yahhh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! My forever cute mum! I'm glad she's my mum, so caring, so lovely.. I cannot deny her cute-ness!! Sometime, she is more childish than me! or maybe I can say, ALL THE TIME!

Hwa Xin . Big Bro

me me . mummy

Now, back to KL. Back to the hectic life which is full of assignments at this peak period. YEAP SHI YING GO GO GO!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Have a blast week!
18/7/09 (Sat) - Choral Worship Festival Concert (click)

19/7/09 (Sun) - Worship Concert (click)
[Led by Worship Team of Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina, US]

20/7/09 (Mon) - Worship Conference (didn't take much photos)

Yes! Thanks God for giving me the opportunities to join all the activities. Learn a lot of things! Praise Him! Yup! The purpose of our live is to worship - we were created to worship! And, worship is the expression of our Love to Him!!

Yesterday, around 11.00 p.m., someone knocked my door and passed the slip of PostLaju for me. And I actually thought the place to collect the stuff is very near the place I'm staying. So, I walked to the post office which located somewhere near Giant (10 minute walk) since my class cancelled after I reached school. grrrrr. But end up, I get nothing. The staff there said not collect from there. Alright, I wasted my energy and time! My shirt was drenched with my sweat! Luckily, Robert fetched me to take it after playing basketball this evening. If not, I have no idea how to get there except by taxi. When I unwrapped the envelop. I kept on saying "TIAN AHHHH" "WALAU EHHHH". SIM KAY SEN!!! You really gave me a BIGGGG surprise!!!

walauuuuu!!! there's really shocking!!!
Thanks KaySen and Steve!!!

All the memories just flashed in my mind!

They forced to be their model.

Steve likes to capture picture of my nostrils!

Really TOUCH!!!

Love this!

Photoshoot in grave yard!

There are a lot more! but I just show some of them..
Who wants to see the whole album?
I can share! Because I want to share what I LOVE! yesss!

Taken before the day I left to KL to further my studies!

KaySen . Steve . Saix_ShiYing
A BIG THANK YOU to you guys!!

And, PEOPLE!!!
I'm going back Penang tomorrow!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


This song keep on playing in my mind, until now,
after singing in the church service just now.

Healer - Planetshakers

You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease

I trust in You
I trust in You

I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

My Healer, You're my Healer

Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
You hold my world in Your hands

Yes. He's always my healer. He heals every of my wound whenever I encounter a difficult situation in my life. No matter what I've faced in this sinful world, I just can't stop praising his Holy name. The only One. For He is the great Lord and most worthy of praise.

My DSLR camera's len is being quarantined now. This morning, after passing to many church members to snap photos, my camera cannot be off quietly but with a strange, noisy sound just like it is shrieking! I wonder why.. This happened just two minutues before the church service started. I coudn't focus on the singing section at first, worrying the baby's situation as I never face that before. But somehow, he comforts me, as He always does. I just commit all these to His mighty hands, this is just a small matter compared to how God sent His son to die for us. Anyway, I will fix the camera len as soon as possible! Pray that I will not get over anxious about that!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So far.. everything is ok?
So far.. can handle I think?
So far.. no big matter happen?
So far.. I'm still very good..

Thanks God

Thanks church friends..
(Kai Seng, Robert, Adrienne, Tim, Ivy, Ivan, Daniel, Bryan,..)

Thanks coursemate..
(Abigail my twin, ah Chai, Janize, YongSim, XiaoHou, Sherri, ChinEe, XueLi,..)

Thanks other..
(GauHwang, HuiHong, PhaikSun, Leykkha, BenJoon, YitChoong, lyk, PeiPei,..)

for all the support..

Dream about something
for three continuous nights.
When will it stop?

Friday, July 10, 2009


There was a war happened between my room-mate and me this morning. It's complicated for me to do the narration here. But you know what, this is the first time I screeched and be so fierce toward a friend of mine. Maybe I did that last time, but this time is the furious one. She rebuked me for opening the window which near her bed. And according to her, she said I never listen to her and this wasn't the first time she asked me not to open it. But in my mind, she never told me that except for the middle big window. She was incensed at me. Some more, she said if the glass break, who gonna pay!?!! WHAT IS THIS? She always opens that small window but why I cannot do that!? I berated back due to the irrational reason but she just couldn't stop scolding. And I realised she looked pale as a sheet of paper. And when she started the argument, she will hold her breath. (I guess she's really sick. She coughs for two weeks already! H1N1? I've no idea.) Alright, I apologize to her. But she didn't accept it. I wonder this is how a Christian should act? After that, she kind of like threatening me? She said she will do something. I don't know what is that but I guess is to complain to people in charge? I tell you, this is so insane!! Her eyes were burning and she couldn't stop reproving. Then she went out for laundry. I started questioning myself and seriously this vexed me making me to dread. Alright, I gonna apologize to her again to abate the stiff situation. She came back and I said sorry asking for forgiveness (even though I don't think I'm fully wrong). She repeated the scolding again. I kept on stopping her by saying OKAY SORRY!! Then, she said sorry at last that she raised her voice. What a SPECIAL thing I faced? I tell you, if this happen to me last time, I will not apologize to her! But somehow, I'm changed by Him, Jesus Christ. Forgive me as I cursed her and hate her..

4 Love is patient,
love is kind.
It does not envy,
it does not boast,
it is not proud.

5 It is not rude,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.

6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

7 It always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leykkha's Birthday

Yup. Yesterday was celebrating Leykkha's birthday in hostel.
Special birthday card for her =)

The day before her birthday, I received a phone call from Michelle asking me to do her a flavour. As a super duper kind person like me, surely I said YES! =P As ordered by Michelle, I bought a cake for Leykkha. *I was walking with umbrella under the rain just to buy a cake.. say WOW* She stayed in library for almost the whole day as she has Calculus mid-term exam on the next day. I kept on asking her what time she will back saying that I need someone to accompany me for dinner. She came back at around 9 something, so I got ready for the surprise! I knocked her door and TAAA DAAAA "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!". Shock was etched all over her face. She was so surprise and couldn't stop saying "Oh My God!!" "Thank you!". See how cute she is! And before knocking the door, I asked Michelle to call me then I passed my phone to Ley. So it was two surprises in shot for her!

Black Forest Mini Cake

We were then celebrating in the so-called living room outside our room.

Happy SWEET 18th!

A lot of people passed by and stopped their footstep,
asking "whose birthday?"
so we just invited them to eat the cake.
Just like Santa Clause?

Taste GOOD!

me . her

I actually don't know she studies in the same university with me until one day I bumped into her outside the bathroom. And I was like "EIII LEYKKHA!!!". She also shouted "AH SAIXXXXXXX!!", even louder than me. haha! We're not that close when we studied in Disted Stamford College, Penang. But now, we're really GOOD! Thank you Leykkha for all the happiness!! =)

Monday, July 6, 2009



Eat more vegetables than meats. (KILL ME!)
Less oily food.
Less snack food. ='(
Less ice cream. (AHHH!!)
More fruit.

Exercise regularly.
At least twice a week.
Basketball, gym,..

These are all KILLING ME!

Everyone said I'M FAT!!!

and the worst thing is


(Quoted by Chai Gau Hwang)

And, today in Expository Writing,
lecturer distributed an autobiography essay for us.
The topic is "The Day I Was Fat".


Sunday, July 5, 2009

back to KL again

Last breakfast in Penang?
I feel so boring right now!!

with brother

with Wei Yee

and Brendon

After breakfast, they dropped me at Tesco Extra to find my aunt. She's going to KL for meeting so I follow her back. On the way there, I received a phone called from my mum asking me where am I. She wanted to see me for last sight I think? She was all the way from Youth Park flying to Tesco. *sweet and touch* Seriously when I reached the destination, I was so unwillingly to get down from car. Waving hands to bother, WeiYee and Brendon, I brought a heavy heart to find my aunt.

And I want to apologize..

Sorry bro!

Thursday, July 2, 2009



After class, I met Brendon in bus station, Pudu.
YUP!! We're going back to PENANG!!
Footsteps back to Penang!!
Spot Brendon and me
the Bus Driver!!

This is how he uses the cell phone!?!?!!

Believe what you see!

Brendon: YEAH. My snack!

saix: I will help you finish all =D

-way to eat-
-Title: Unseal the packet-

"Walau ehh! Why cannot open one!?!?!"

"I open I open I open!!"

"Okay, I give up!"
"Come! Watch me!"

Pulling HARD

"I believe I can do it!"

Four and a half hours fooling inside the bus. We played around until the uncle, sat beside us, stared at us. No.. He only stared at Brendon. HA! 2nd brother and WeiYee came and pick us up after that and we headed to Gasoline in Time Square to have dinner. OH YEAH! The feeling of stepping Penang's LAND is so much different! And I realise how much I miss Penang! especially my FAMILY! I talked non-stop with them once I got home. But sadly, I need to leave after 3 days! =/