Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Penang DAYS

Basically, I will write about the things happened in three days in PENANG. After I reached Penang (Last Saturday), rest a while, SzeYee fetched me, lyk, ZhenYi and JiaYik to Jemput Tree to have a surprise farewell party for Carine Ong Phaik Sun (The four monkeys should quarantine themselves!! They're either sick or recovering. I'm the only survivor!!). But then, this surprised was ruined by somebody. "Somebody" texted Phaik Sun: "Sorry, I can't attend your farewell today. Saix will be there also tonight (something like that)." Okay =) WE forgive you, somebody =D

me . szeYee . phaikSun . sue-Yin


The guys with her

OOopss.. sorry.

sometimes, my capture skill will out a bit =DDD

Jia Yik: Carine Ong, you better don't come back!
Let go Starbuck to celebrate she's going to KL study =D

Five of us (me, SzeYee, lyk, ZhenYi, JiaYik)
went to Starbuck to celebrate her leaving!
ahahha! Joking! =D
This is what they did to me after my farewell.
They somemore said want to hold a party to celebrate I'm leaving.

Anyway, miss Ong,
you better study hard ok?
Don't learn all the bad things there!
Seriously, I don't miss you.
*sound cruel huh?*
For your guys information:
She's going to study in
So.. yeah.. haha

The next day, before going to church, went to have breakfast with CHAI GAU HWANG. He kept on countdowning the hours he's leaving Penang and go to jail. =D

pls: Hey, I'm still in Penang =D

Broken spec??
I have 4 months didn't attend English service in Li Xin Baptist Church already! How I miss everyone there!! We had a short prayer for Deloach's family as they're leaving Penang (24th Aug) and back to US after leading us for 3-4 years.. =(

Skyler (bottom) .Blane . Zach . Momi . Cricket . Sarahn
Group photo
Chris . Blane . bro . Matthew
*Can you see an extra hand??
She's really adorable!
Blane! Must come back Malaysia ok?
even though we don't know when is the next time we will meet.
or else.. We will hit you even harder!
Father Lord, guide the Deloach's family in US.
May Your favour falls upon the family.
Bless them, Blane, Sarahn,
Cricket, Zach, Momi, Skylor
forever and ever.
Dinner time!! YAHHH!
MUM! ganas-nya
She drove the big big van!
BigBro + HwaXin
2nd Bro.
WeiYee kept on avoiding the camera!
Watched night show, Laughing Gor, with Steve, KaySen and TaoZui!
Yahhhhh! Long time didn't hang out with you all already!!
Supper at mamak
(Right) Kay Sen
(Left) TaoZui
And also, MAGGIE KHOO's 19th Birthday!!
A last minute plan to celebrate her birthday!
In the pale light of the dawn, lyk and me were planning to have brunch. Then, Jon buzz me in msn. Then skip skip skip and we related to Mag's birthday. 3 of us chatted in a conversation and lyk ordered everyone to take shower and get ready. Jon fetched lyk - me - SzeYee + Mag and we had celebration in Domino Pizza.
Happy birthday MAG!
our GM. Gossip Mag =D

lyk . mag . szeyee . me . jon

Oh yeah!
More photo - CLICK HERE

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had moved out from hostel!
Couldn't breath last Friday! Schedule PACKED!

- Waited Robert at 8 am (He overslept and I waited him for 1/2 hour)
- Dropped Robert in the train station to work (So that I have car to use)
- Picked Abigail my twin from train station (Mistaken Waja and Saga =D)
- Fetched Bryan and dumped him in Robert's Abu Graib house (Too much distractions for him to study at home)
- Statistic for Psychology (Last paper for Final!)
- McD as lunch (with Abigail, Janize and Yong Sim)
- Packed stuffs!

Before packing


- Thanks to Kai Seng for helping (Yes, I still think I can move my stuffs ALONE =P)
- Helped Nuru to move also (Gonna miss hostel life!)
- Fetched Robert from train station (Finish from work)
- Dinner (with Robert, Kai Seng and Bryan)
- Home Fellowship (Uncle Jackie and Auntie Yee Mum's house)
- Overstayed in Robert's house

They said I looked like a GRANDMA
with this pyjamas
with this messy hair
with this look
with this... WHATEVER!

Robert STEAM already!

Bryan should be studying but see what was he doing!
Teruk la ni budak!

Kai Seng 24/7 facebook-ing

Adrienne - snap me snap me

Then, all of us start starving already.
And Robert brought out MOONCAKE from refrigerator!!
NICE one!!
Bryan seemed like cutting birthday cake?

We started fooling around then.
Initially, I thought it was real knife pointing to me!!
BRYAN TANG! walau..

And guess what! That time was almost 2 in the MORNING.
All of us were still in exuberant mood!

SPOT! I can multi-task! =D

I tried to sleep at about 3am. But you know what! I'M STILL AWAKE AT 5AM +!! Then I woke up at 6.30 am. ZOMBIE!! Continuously two Friday night I got insomnia in same venue!

It came to Saturday!! yahhhh! Basketball! But I was not playing just snapping around.

Jonathon KK

Shan Berg
He's very cute!!

Nice pose of Saran!

Mike . WeiJoe . ShanBerg . Bryan

Hui Yi was darting to avoid camera?


Say GOODBYE to UCSI Hostel!!
me . Crystal

After that headed to BUS STATION and get ready for PENANG!

On the way back...

Had an bad experience thou. Mood of going back Penang SPOILED!! Waited the Konsotrium bus to come for ONE HOUR! Then,.... the stupid bus stopped at Butterworth! HEY! MY TICKET IS BACK TO PENANG NOT BUTTERWOTH!! I stunned in the bus and don't know what is that going on! But I think I'm the only one want to go Penang. I get into the WRONG BUS? Is that possible?? Then, I was like a tourist asking people around HOW TO GO BACK PENANG BY FERRY! Shame .. And I realise I paid MORE to enter the ferry. arggghh stupid! But still, I thanks God for not getting lost or kidnapped!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

My days!

Can you see spider web in my blog? haha!
I was really having hectic life these few days..
This could be very long post =D

Let's recall last Friday..

7.8.09 (Friday)
I woke up early in the morning to bring Robert's car to service. Before that, have breakfast with KaiSeng, Ivan, Ivy and Adam. That's my first time driving car ALONE in KL! Luckily I didn't get lost although I nearly turned into a wrong way but I'm still smart! =D During the car service, I was chatting with a auntie for 2 hours non stop! Can you imagine? NON STOP. Then I fetch Ah Chai to have lunch together in somewhere....? I don't remember the place. =D We talked a lot! Enjoy! Then fetch Robert back from station then prepare ourselves for less than one hour and we headed to ConneXion Conference in First Baptist Church!

just like we're connected!

Let you guys warm up with my face first =D

Adrienne . Kelley

He always teased me with "one two TREE"

The worship leader
Dan Carson
He has some relationship with Chris Tomlin and Charlie Hall!

uncle Rodney

Tim . Jason Gaston (speaker) . Colin

Ivan . (Tim) . ME

Colin . Bryan . Kai Seng

I really enjoyed the ConneXion Conference! People from multiple streams came to unite around in the fame of Jesus. And conference reminds me about Passion last year. I'm really touch to see everyone from difference places to worship the only One, Our Father Our Lord!

8.8.09 (Saturday)
Woke up at 6 something and get ready to play basketball with the Summit Team. I really need to work harder for my skill! I can't even score anything now. grrrr..

Ibrahim vs Femmi

After breakfast and showering, all of us headed to another session of ConneXion! From 12pm to 10pm! We have 2 breakout sessions and yes, I learn a lot! Jason also touched a topic about relationship. And now, my point of view to relationship starts changing already. Ask me if you want to know more =)

Ibrahim rapped with God's words!


Dan Carson again!
Yes, shout to the Lord!

Chris Abner . David Parks . Daryl Bengs
They were actually waiting for their turn to share!

Nice testimony, Matthew!

We managed to have a small birthday celebration for Dustin!
Colin . Dustin . Karen

My brother, KC!
Yes he was there too.
And everyone started mentioning his tooth when saw him.

Oh yeah.. She's indeed CUTE!
Chris's daughter

Ivy . Colin . Adrienne (bottom) . me
Colin is going to Liberty soon! Hey all the best!!

I really feel grateful that I'm in Cheras, KL and attach to a great church! And this is how I got to know more about HIM! Thanks God for His wonderful and perfect plans! I can never fathom about how great is our God! What I can do is just praising and worshipping Him all the time!

9.8.09 (Sunday)
After church service and some studies for exam, we went to Look Up Point as a farewell for Summit Team.

The golden hue of the skies just warm my heart
like how God warm mine!

Robert . Brandon . Andrew . Meagan

Ivy . Kellie . Ivan . DT

Yes. Is ME again!

Mark . ME

I love this picture!
Ivan . me . Jon . Ivy
Adrienne . Eugene


Thought for Today:
I walked to school for exam with Clayman just now. I was the last one failed to squeeze in the bus. Oh yeah, a good start to refresh my mind before exam! It was 1.30 pm. The sun treated me well as it did not exasperate its anger. And I wanna announce that I finish my first final paper, Expository Writing, today! Meaning that I still have one more week then I will be going back to Penang, HOME SWEET HOME! yahhh!

After the paper, I work out in gym. Ran for half an hour, sit up for 70+, weigh lifted,.. Relieved after exercise. =) Then, I sauntered back to my hostel. I think this is my first time going back and fro hostel and school twice! My mind never in cessation but keep turning as I was walking back to hostel. I walked in my own pace and a lot of thoughts flashing in my mind. Guess these few days, I have no much time to think about what had happened. Ruminating and observing the things surround me. It's nice.. I bought Nasi Lemak for my dinner and suddenly I heard thunder unleashed its fury. But thanks God it wasn't rain until I reached home.

I walked through the roadside, bridge, school,.. I espied many parents were waiting eagerly for their children to dismiss their classes. A lot of unfamiliar faces passed by. I seem like an invisible person there which everyone don't know who am I. And, somehow, I miss my primary school life. I continue walking with a slouch, slow and slow,.. This world is so complicated. Just look at a foliage. There are trees, leaf, roots,.. and look carefully, there are pores for leaf to breath.. and a lot of tiny thing which we can't see it through our eyes. It's amazing yet unique.

Back to hostel. I started missing my hostel life as I'm moving out next week. Hope I can adapt a new environment again soon!

I have too much thought today. I know this post is long. =)