Thursday, September 24, 2009


I realise I didn't blog about A LOT of things. This blog seem to have many dust. And spiderman and spiderwoman walking around this blog. *spray*. But seriously, too much things already, I don't know where should I start and how am I going to write? haha! So I just put some pictures to represent everything =D So many birthday posts!

I didn't blog about
Adam's 21st Birthday

Happy birthday =)
5th Sept

Ei? Ivan ate all of them??

I didn't blog about

Tham Weng Hong's 19th Birthday

Happy birthday old man!
10th Sept

Source: WenYee's Lumix digital camera

Group photo
Psyho babies + Mass Com babies

Source: WenYee's Lumix digital camera

I didn't blog about

Cheras Baptist Church's
23rd Anniversary

Happy birthday to church!
13rd Sept

Congratulation to the baptisms candidates!
Welcome to the Christ family!! =)


Our table for lunch

Source: Wilson's Nikon DSLR

I didn't blog about

Sh'n Yee and LiLean's Birthday

Can you believe we're housemates? haha!
9 housemates + 3 Friends

LiLean . Sh'n Yee

I didn't blog about

My second presentation
for Public Speaking

Ta Daaa!
Represent Indian to give talk about tour in INDIA
Group member: Suhan and RuiZhe
Enjoy the presentation! =)

Source: Abby's Canon digital camera
Ah Chai the mum / Janize the siao cha bo / Abby my twin

*The day before I went back Penang =)

Source: Abby's Canon digital camera

And now, I gonna write about the day after I reached Penang which falled on 18th Sept. That is the most memorable day for me when I back to Penang =) . My activities on that day never went to cessation, keep on rolling! I woke up around 11am something and waited my mum to come back to have brunch. My mum suggested we went to eat Pizza which is one of my favourite! yahhh!

PizZa pIzzA piZZa

Pretty mum
Oh, I miss eating meal with her now!!

After that we went to find Mrs. Wong. My mum wanted to give something for her. While both them were chatting, I fooled around with the kids. They are truely adorable!! They haven't start to worry about life, haven't ruminate on something, haven't step into a verdict,.. They're way just cute and innocent. You will never ever fathom how naive they're.

They just pose when they saw the camera facing on them.
I never said "come, smile/pose"
They do it automatically.
I wonder will they still remember after 10 years?

She asked me snap her picture. cute right?

It was 2pm something already, I don't actually think I will be late. So sorry to JiaYik who already waiting me outside my house. pai seh! Then we met up with lyk and szeYee to watch Where got Ghost?. It was nearly 3pm, szeYee and me dashed to cinema and bought ticket. But too bad, only 3 seats left! They gave me tongue-lashing =(. haha! Joking. They're so kind how can scold me right? =D So we change our plan to watch 5pm movie and cancel our beach outing. We were then kill our time in McD.




Headed to garden,..

Aww, that's sweet!!

Look at JiaYik's giant hand!!!
compare to my demure hand =D

(back) lyk . JiaYik
(front) me . SzeYee

After movie, szeYee went to redbox with ChoongAi.
And how about lyk, jy and me? haha! we went to another room to sing-k also!


me . jy . lyk

While we were having raucous cheering and shouting at 10pm + , I received a phone call from my brother.
He said: "No need come back home tonight already. You have to stay outside".
A lot of you will be asking. WHY?!? what happen??
I'm not going to tell you!
=D Nothing serious actually.
Just that my house area got flooded after the torrential rain unleashed its fury for few hours continously!
The water already went in my house.
Singing "今天不回家" (Not going home today).
Fun? NO!
So I overnight at sy's house without preparation.

szeYee's dog, LUCKY.
Can you believe the ball beside the dog is a GOLF BALL?
ahaha! yes! it's!

After making sure the safety of lyk and jy. It was time to sleep! 2am again? faint!
Oh! YEE SZE YEE! your room is very COLD! =D

wah! What a long post!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paddy Field shot '09

Finally I get back my laptop already! I have a lot of things to post but I think I should post about photoshooting in paddy field first. It has been a very long history already. Three weeks back (22nd Aug), Steve, KaySen, HuiHong and me (photographers) and YanPeng, Thaw & Julia (models) went to catch mesmerizing scenario in Balik Pulau. It's a really cool experience I gained! Thanks Steve and KaySen for bringing me there! When is the next photoshooting? =D

Before shooting, Julia helped YanPeng and herself to put on make-up which is a MUST do thing before starting a photoshooting.

Yes! A lot of equipments we bought! Most of them belong to KaySen.

Let me introduce the photographers.

Steve (back)
KaySen (front)

Steve (front)
HuiHong (back)

Model of the day (I): YAN PENG

Model of the day (II): Thaw and KaySen???????????


Should be....
Model of the day (II): Thaw & Julia

, group picture.

Thaw . Julia . Steve . KaySen . ME . YanPeng . HuiHong

Kindly visit more photo

oh yes people! I'm in PENANG now!! =D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Semester

I'm officially semester 2 student. Time FLIES! I'm currently staying in a house with HuiHong, LiLean, Joseph, WanNa, JaySean, KeHuey, ShenYee and Xue?. 9 people in a house, old + new friends. First day for semester 2 doesn't same like first day for semester 1. Not that blur anymore! =D I still remember vividly the life during first day in class (click). It's terrible but fun to have that experience! Let see my room now! It's small yet I love it =D Finally I have MY OWN ROOM! yahhh

say Hello to my room!

"When we are weak, HE is strong"

My laptop is still in Penang for service! This is why I can't be able to blog and do everything through online. Too many things to write about happiness happened in Penang but I'm here to do some summaries. This is PART II continue with the previous post.

Before bowling, I went to Coffee Bean to visit them!
OH! I miss working life again!!
Staff for that day: Julian, Nanthini, Muzzaidi
Then, wait ONE HOUR for the three monkeys to fetch me to bowling!

LiLing, MeiHuey, Evonne, me
The three monkeys =D
One months plus didn't meet them already!

It's Jon and Wendy's birthday celebration!
There is a lot more to write about the celebration
but I'm.......... lazy! =D

After breakfast with GauHwang, we went Baskin Robin on 31st August.
My last day staying in Penang!

OH!! KaySen, Steve, HuiHong and me went to have photoshooting before I left to kl. I will write this post soon when I get back my laptop or when I'm free! Learn a few techniques for shooting. Thanks to KaySen!



Julia + Thaw

NEW LIFE begins again!
saix saix ALL THE BEST!