Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Oh! Finally, I finish my exam already! I'm done with my second semester!! and yeahh, HAPPY HOLIDAY for two months! As usual, we took graduation photo, but sadly, not everyone take the last paper yesterday, so it's not a perfect photo thou. we got new members added (welcome LaiKuen and HongLing!).

Top: kenneth, lingSiang, cemone, weiWei, xiaoHou,
sandra, cai, XueLi, yongSim, chinEe, Jeffrey
Bottom: ME, janize, szeQiuen, abigail, sherry

Year 1 Semester 1
(Psychology + Mass Com)

So many people is MISSING!!
Top: kenneth, weiWei, cemone, xiaoHou, jeffrey
Bottom: laiKuen, lingSiang, janize, ME, abigail

Year 1 Semester 2
(Psychology + Mass Com)

People! I'm currently in PENANG right now!! *sweet Penang*

After exam - Lunch with Abigail my twin
Shutter bus to train station
Train to Pudu
Bus to PENANG!
(No one was sitting beside me, so it was bored! For your information, I like to talk to strangers who sitting beside me. =D)

Thanks JiaYik for picking me up from bus station! =D and find Lyk to have dinner since he misses me SO MUCH! right, Lyk? =P
Then, three of us talked in the car, about everything and GHOST stories. Oh yeah! and it's fun to scare JiaYik, haha!

stepping Penang land,
breathing Penang air,
meeting Penang people,
eating Penang food,
drinking Penang drink,..

Anyway, I will start working for my aunt in Cosway today!

我。。真的喜欢上他了。。 没想到。。
What can I do is just surrender everything to God.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Attention Students:

Please be informed that the exams scheduled on

Thursday 22 October 2009 (morning and afternoon) have been postponed to Wednesday 28 October 2009.

The timing of the papers is exactly the same as 22 October 2009. Please be aware that 28 October 2009 is still within the

examination week and that no prior travel arrangements will be entertained.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I want to get crazy already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my plan back to PENANG has gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB, UCSI University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


okkk!! update update! =D
The title of this post is gonna be
For the past two weeks..

I had
Mooncake festival celebration in Janize's house
CLICK HERE for more photos


Had a great time with them.
XiaoHou and me overnight at Janize's house.
And guess what? We chit chat until 4AM!!
GOOD one =D

I had
Mooncake festival celebration for WingS in church
CLICK HERE for more photos

Good discussion of book of Galatians (Bible).
We had the typical celebration for this festival
with mooncake and tea!
WOO! I love it!!

I had
became PAPARAZZI for the proposal of Christopher to Stephanie!
No photo can be shown - request by Chris. Sorry!

Proposal of Christopher to Stephanie

Chris was the planner of everything.
He "recruits" Wilson, Adrienne and me
to snap picture for this secret proposal.
It's a GOOD experience!
"Would you marry me?"
asked by Christopher for THREE times!
All of us ran out of our spine and got nervous
when Stephanie didn't response anything.
At last, she knoded her head! =)
That's a touching moment and my eyes welled with tears!

I had
chilled out with schoolmates after class at FUN OK Cafe.
CLICK HERE for more photos

ChinEe. YongSim. XiaoHou. Abby. ME. WengHong. Sherry

It's always GOOD to hang out with you all!
Love you guys!!
And yea, I love the "PROMISE"!!
our builder of friendship!

I had
outing with Disted-ian to IKEA!

HuiHong. PengChooi. ME. Jayden. TsuYin. Danny

I really miss schooling day when all of us
studied in Disted Stamford College!
It's SO GOOD that all of us still hang out together
even though we graduated!
When is the next date of all of us? =D

I had
the first time to be vocalist in my church in KL - Cheras Baptist Church!

Thank God and Pastor Kenneth for giving me the oppurtunity
to serve HIM and church.
I'm really excited to see everyone
worship the only GOD and
just sing praise and worship to the MIGHTY one.
That's SO GOOD!
And yea, I love praising from people =)

I had
the last presentation for Public Speaking

YongSim . me . XiaoHou

Public Speaking Class '09 Sept

Taking Public Speaking in short semester is tough!
Imagine almost every week has a presentation? woo!
Anyway, I'm really happy to have my presentation for the last time!
For me, it was the best presentation compared to previous one.
I faced a difficulty the day before my presentation
as almost all of my friends said my topic is not relevant.
I was so afraid thinking of changing topic last minute.
It's terrible and scary..
A lot of negative thoughts just flashed into my mind
to avoid the presentation.
Thanks God, GauHwang, KaiSeng, Abby my twin, JiaYik, Chia-Ming
to encourage me when I'm at the mist of difficulties that day.

I had
celebrated my twin, Abigail 21st birthday!
LAO ZHA BO already!! =D

Love you, girl!

Twin, it's so hard to find a buddy like you!
Seriously, I have totally no regret in making friend with you.
And of course, it's SO GOOD to be your twin towel!
Thanks for all the fun time, sad time, many time, every time =)

I had
class party during Public Speaking class
CLICK HERE for more photos

Mr Ken Choong

Thanks Mr Ken for organizing this party.
Although sometimes I get bored in his class
since he always talks non-stop, I really enjoyed.
GOOD one!
He is a good lecturer!
He told us that none of us will be seeing him next semester!
Meaning that none of us flunk in the exam!

I had
worked in TimeSquare for the Kaspersky Anti Virus

me. XiaoHou. Janize. Abby. ??

Group photo with ECX, champion of Battleground 2008
Top: Chriz. XiaoHou. Abby. Sherry. ME. Monkey
Bottom: Billy. Leon. ei?

Nice working there.
Oh! I enjoyed watching dancing!!
Didn't expect can have some picture with ECX. woohoo!

So many GOOD one.
And now come a DISASTER!
Final of Fundamental of Marketing
falls on this THURSDAY!!

All to best to myself and everyone who is having exam too!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


hehe =D
I'm here to update about the trip in Langkawi. It was.. 3 weeks ago =D
Having hectic life now I think? But normally is I can't get to online as my house line has a little bit problem. I'm quite fancy about the pictures taken in Langkawi! Tell me my skill of shooting improves!

Taken from the airplane


Jie Yong (cousin), aunt, aunt, MUMMY!


Shot in Langkawi Wildlife Park

pity rabbit..

The black sand beach

Mahsuri's graveyard

Sunset when we were on the way back to Penang with speedboat

I love this view!
The current of sea slowly devoured the yellow and orange light at the horizon.

oh! happy belated mooncake festival!
Hope everyone enjoyed this special celebration like how I enjoyed it immensely!
All the best to my Public Speaking tomorrow!
And, counting down the day I back to Penang!!

view them! trust me! all are nice photos!! =D