Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to ZhenYi

-Headed home after work
-Waited Jia Yik
-Headed to Lyk's house
-ZhenYi picked up all of us
-Fetched SzeYee

While we talked and made fun in the car, 5 of us felt a gigantic crash behind us. Guess what? Two motor riders bang ZhenYi's car! Really a BIG PRESENT for him!! Hopefully the riders don't break promise that they will repair for him.

Skip the unfortunate part. We just parked the car and walked to Coffee Island which is a place we hang out often there.

Happy birthday!

A MUST do thing for birthday boy!
Kiss the cake!!

Can you smell the cake? =D

Above: Tze Siong. Carine. ZhenYi. Tao Sheng
Bottom: ME. SzeYee. Lyk. JiaYik. Oscar

*Click to enlarge
Hope you enjoy your birthday yea, Mr. Kong!
And also hope everything will fine
and nothing will affect your mood in celebrating!
Glad to have you as heng dai!!
Blessed 19th birthday!!
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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Last Friday, while i was still working at night, I heard chaos outside the Cosway shop! Surprise from BenJoon, YitChoong, Beh, SzeYee, Jen, Jaslyne, Jonathan, ChunYang and Tommy. Thanks for waiting me to finish work! I always enjoy hanging out with you guys!

and yupp! SUNDAY! love Sunday always =)
+ Joined Chinese and English service (Thanks God for the day!)
+ Meeting for English congregation
+ Was assigned to design poster for Christmas
+ Photo taking for the poster (Hopefully my idea will be good enough)
+ Waited JiaYik to pick me then Lyk to Youth Park
+ Jogged, played Frisbee (FUN! I know how to throw Frisbee plate! =P)
+ Dinner with SzeYee too (Cha Koay Teow is more laku than chicken rice! =D)
+ Chit chat among four of us until 11pm +
+ Drop Lyk
+ HUNGRY! stopped by to buy Dao Sha Pao
+ Thanks JiaYik for the ride

I lost my bible!! Hopefully I left in church but not somewhere else! ahhh! I can't live without my bible!! Church is not opened today but tomorrow. ahhhh! say AHHHH with me!
And yeah, good day to remember (9 Nov 2009). I got insomnia! Slept at 3am something. Thanks to you! =D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Lot of Thoughts

Title of the day: A Lot of Thought

Yes, I seriously love my life in Penang except for the working part. =P
Last two days, I went to visit people in Danzity with Steve. Miss everyone there! Glad to see Sean, Grace, TaoZui, Sam, Bboy, Beh, JueHang, Bryan, Biyoki,..! Then met with Lyk and JiaYik in Greenlane McD. Thanks Steve for fetching me and thanks JiaYik for dropping me =D ! Love meeting people in PENANG!!

Yesterday I joined back Danzity! FINALLY! You know what? I've not been joining dancing for half a year already. Passion towards dance never comes to cessation. This shows how much I miss the moment I was in Danzity at least once a week last time. I had pleasurable and satisfactory time last night. Sean's choreography of new school hip hop with the song of Ice Box is superb. I gonna enjoy the classes for two months! Have diner with Sean, TaoZui, Bryan and ??. Although I lose my voice, I still cheered raucously! =P I wish,.. I hope,.. dancing in Danzity can never move to ending.. I will have no holiday for the next 2/3 years as I will be doing my internship.. arghh. Protrude my tongue for whatever =) .

And yeah, I finally met my buddy, SzeYee after dancing. Have a long sharing between both of us (I banyak SUKA!) in my previous working place - Cofee Bean the beach hut. Oh! And my ex manager Chew was working at that time! About the sharing, I like the part which something cool happened before her birthday =P . Well, I got to know something I shouldn't know to get hurt but I should know to let go and not misunderstanding.. Where is the verdict!? No idea. I got this statement two years ago when my friend said she ride motor with fast speed when she got excited/happy and slow pace when she is moody/sad. I never agree that statement at first. What about all of you? And yea, last night I drove 10-20 km/h, I wonder why? Reaching my home in 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes. I stopped by basketball court near my house for few minute at the midnight. I realise this place is so peaceful and make me recuperate from all the thoughts. But yeah, I'm still cool about that I think.

It's gonna be a GOOD day onward!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Currently start working in Cosway. ermmm boring I think? =P Many people will think "Are u that crazy for money? After the day you come back, and you start working already??" NO! I'm NOT! I just help my aunt since there is seriously lack of staff.

Last Thursday after working until 11pm, I went to McD to meet Steve and wait KaySen to join us. Awhh, I seriously miss the moments we used to hang out A LOT before I further my studies in KL. Before I get a DSLR camera, they used to ask me out, almost every day, to be their model/assistant for photoshooting. Feel like pestered with flies sometimes? Ha! Joking! I enjoyed it thou.. And last Friday, same time, I met YitChoong, Beh, XuWen, Jon and ChunYang at e-Gate. yahhh! All the Penang kaki! Again, I miss all the activities we did last time, hiking, jogging, movie, food,..

Two days outing until midnight continuously + lack of sleep previously = SICK!! (sore throat and flu) woohoo! say CONGRATULATION! I'm faltered when I sick! But I thanks God that I seem a bit better now.

Oh! I enjoyed ConneXion last Saturday and church service yesterday! I told my bro that I seem like an old lady here. Because what I can see is that THEY GROW A LOT in term of spritually! (this is not a younger people should say I think?)
I thanks God for Chris who can now lead the musical worship and Bible study.
I thanks God for bro that he is improving in worship leader and prayer.
I can see a new generation is growing by faith in Jesus Christ!

Yahhh! Overall, I enjoy the tranquil life here. Hope that two months holiday can crawl SLOWER.

thanks for accompanying me
these days through sms =)
all the best in studies!