Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Friends Outing

Again, I'm BUSY! I'm grabbing every opportunities to hang out with friends as I'm going back to KL SOON! ishhh.. The day after Christmas which is last Saturday, I brought MingYeong to clinic accompanied by YitChoong and Ivan. We met the girls in Dim Sum restaurant! Such a coincident!

You know what.
When I saw they were taking photo,
I just dashed toward them to have group photo.
*picture credit to SzeYee's blog
Above: SzeYee, Mag, XiuQi, Wendy, ME
Bottom: Elaine, Sue-yin

After consulted the doctor, we had Mcd as lunch and watched Treasure Hunters. NOT RECOMMENDED! BOOOO to that movie!!

At night, I fetch Lyk, SzeYee, JiaYik and ZhenYi to eat seafood in Tambun. Wow.. We got lost initially! But yahhh, we're smart enough to reach the destination =D.






Next stop is E-gate Starbuck! Met up with BenJoon & WeiPing, YitChoong, Ivan, SaoYun and her brother as well. One day passed again!!

A half day catch up with BenJoon, YitChoong, MingYeong and Ivan today. After waited the four monkeys showered in my house, we headed to Gurney. Eat - Red Box - Lepak - HOME -Dinner.





Me, Ivan, YitChoong, MingYeong, BenJoon

3 more days to 2010!!! say WOOHOO!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS people!! 6 more days to go for 2010!! Are you ready? Yes? No? No matter what answer you have, we need to say YES although I don't feel like want to go on New Year as I want continue staying in Penang! argghhh.. Going back KL next week! Can you imagine!! NEXT WEEK!!! say AHHHHHHHHHHH with me!!

Anyway, I have a lot of fun for Christmas!

+ Photo shooting at 6am!
YES! That's our passionate toward photography!
Thanks Kay Sen and Steve the photographers and Yen Ying the model!

Click Here for more photos

+ Lunch with brother and WeiYee
I miss WeiYee! She's going back to hometown until next year!! awww!

+ Christmas celebration in church
Thanks Lyk and Jaslyne for joining! The happiest thing is that my mum joined too!!! yahh!!!
It's all because of YOU and ME!!
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

+ Outing with friends
This is the craziest part.
So confusing that I got super confused until now I still get confuse!

Lyk, JiaYik, ZhenYi and me planned to go to mamak for a simple Christmas celebration.
Before the church service end, Beh called.

"Go Seh Boh Kiu"
"Meet somewhere la"
Bus station,.. Egate,.. *confusing*
Final meeting place is my house.
I thought only Beh, Yit Choong and Ming Yeong.
But when I reached home, walau eh.. 3 cars were there.

1st car: Beh, Zai
2nd car: Shu Vern
3rd car: Yit Choong, MingYeong, SiangLoong
Phone rang. Jonathan came to meet us.
so 4th car: Jonathan, Steve, SaoYun's brother
The last people we waited for very long reach also.
5th car: ZhenYi

Can you imagine FIVE cars parked outside my house AND my neighbour's house and everyone came out and talked? Gangster gathering!!! Meriah sangat ni!

I always LOVE my Christmas because it reminds me again about the born of Jesus Christ!! The best present I ever had in my life is I have Jesus Christ!! How about you?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


One month since 20 Nov 2009.
A month that is always sweet.
No quarrel, no argument,
solely love and cares.
A lot of common things..
Basketball, Frisbee, design, art, music,..
But about prayer?
Sadly to say, it's different.
"End it...."
Tears did not listen to me but dropped down hesitantly.
I would say..
I truly experience the true love of YOU
and thanks YOU for the pleasurable and memorable month.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Wow! December is going to end! Swift as lightning!! Was so busy traveling here and there. So yeah, let photos to do the summary!

3-5 Dec
Vacation Bible Study
for more photos

Boomerang Express!
Was helping in VBS, Cheras Baptist Church, KL.
Being a teacher is not something easy! It's a tough task for me!

Thanks KaiSeng for helping at the first day
and yeah he did a great job in teaching the kids!
Thanks Karen for helping me out when I
was "out of points" in teaching! Salute, CIKGU HAM!
Thanks Daniel for helping three of us as we absented
for the last day of VBS due to Frisbee Tournament.

5 Dec
Ultimate Frisbee ConneXion Tournament
for more photos

Ishh.. What was my brother doing!?

ConneXion Penang team
Above: Dustin, Steve, Jonathan, KC, Diana, Iroizan, Scott
Bottom: Karen, Jaclyne, ME, LiYang
*where is Alvin?

6 Dec
Kangar (Perlis)
for more photos

Guess what?
I haven't get enough rest and I traveled AGAIN
the next day to Perlis with my aunts.

7 Dec
Hatyai (Thailand)
CLICK HERE for more photos

Thai police with motorbike =D

the haywire

12-15 Dec
Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)
CLICK HERE for more photos

Way to our "house".

The YEAP family

I just captured this scenery without realising
how nice is it until I looked at the preview of this picture.
Somehow, I was amazed by the creation of God!
Look at the color. Just like a paint on paper!

How cool is my December huh? Ironically, I'm sad as I'm going to have school reopen SOON!! Oh, I need to resit my Fundamental of Marketing examination. Thanks to Mr. Quah. Hopefully I can pass this subject! ishhh, I hate Business! ahhhhhhhhh!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I realise I just lost a BEST FRIEND
after one month I leave KL.

I really mean
that can
share everything
talk everything.

But somehow, you changed.
I don't get you through the conversation.
Close friend ---> stranger

"hate rumours"
I think I need to erase the good memories
from my mind from now onward
after what I experience last few days in KL..

I don't know what's going on..
And I don't think we can go back
the friendship we
last time..