Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Celebration

3 birthday celebrations in one day! Cool huh?
I don't have any classes on every Monday, so yeah! Time to party! =D
PsyMassLo (Psychology, MassCom and Logistic student)went to Full House to celebrate Janize's (26th Jan) and Cemone's (30th Jan) pre-birthday! MUST VISIT THIS PHOTO ALBUM! (click) I really like all the photos taken!

Cemone . Janize

When the cakes were served for the two birthday girls, the craziest moment began! All the camerasss started pointing and capturing them NON STOP! They were like the SUPERSTARS that day! You will think, camerasss only what? wait, see the word CAMERASSS.. the S behind significant A LOT of cameras! About 8 cameras I guess?

Don't believe? Let see the photos!

Wait! Not only this

Crazy right? So many cameras!!
3 DSLR cam
1 Semi Pro cam
4 digital cam

Full House is actually a nice place for photoshoot!

17 people attend and 3 people absent!
Overall, nice outing!!
Love you guys!

It was HuiHong actual birthday on that day as well! At night, the housemates celebrated her birthday! We celebrated the day before at Italiannie, Mid Valley but without cakes. So yes, celebrate again! It was a surprise! She didn't know we actually gathered in Joseph's room and got ready for the surprise.

Hui Hong was making a wish!
Wishing that she can have three more wishes? =P

A group photo for housemates!
4 people are missing!

yahhh.. love all the housemates! so helpful and nice!

Love my lifestyle in KL!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


yes, 我可以。。

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yes. Fully recover from sickness since yesterday. HAPPY!!!
I texted my mum telling her this good news and she sent:

"Hip hip hurry! Happy to hear. Careful when eat."

Such a cute mum!
Oh, I really miss Penang home!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I thought I'm fine already after consuming the medicine doctor gave. But who knows, when I was on the way to have dinner with HuiHong and Joseph, I vomited and felt uncomfortable with the whole body. Thanks WanNah for the medicine. I took nap until 9pm. Body was shivering. I guess I got starve so I hurried up myself to get done with showering. I bathed in a quick time as I felt a little bit dizzy and lost strength in legs. Then I took my dinner. I just ate a bit and I vomited again. I stopped eating and decided to make a cup of hot milo. I met YeeZhou downstair and she helped me to make milo. Thanks! Mum called again and I betul betul wanted to cry. I really miss the moment when I got sick, porridge/medicine will be prepared. But now, even though I lose strength to take med or make some food, I need to force myself to do so. I cant just lying on the bed doing nothing. And I still need to do house chores with the weak body. People who are staying with family, APPRECIATE it! Thanks JiaYik for the accompany and the words of comfort. And thanks KaiSeng for the words of God which make me feel a lot better.

Wake up early in the morning today to get myself ready to school. I had oat biscuit as breakfast that I thought I'm fine already. But I vomited again. Ishhh.. I went to school at 8am but back home at 8.30am. Felling unwell. ahhh.. When will I recuperate from those sickness? Suffer with vomiting and strenghtless body..

But, I still thankful for the housemates and coursemates and friends' help and caring.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First time get sick in KL.
First time get stomach pain so severely.
First time skipped class because of stomache.
First time called people in KL for help.

It's nothing to have stomache. But you know what, you feel like going to toilet but nothing come out! I came back home before another class started. At first, I just feel wanted to rest. When I lay down on the bed, my stomach was like a BOOM inside! PAIN!!! I couldn't describe the pain. Dashed to toilet for many times but nothing "was solved" inside. SUFFER!!! I lost my strength and decided to call for help after one hour +. Asked the nearer person, HuiHong (my housemate) for help. The medicine she gave me did not help at all. But I still need to say THANKS! Phoned Chai but she did not answer. I phoned my mum.. I know she can do nothing but I really need her.. As the phone was dialing, my tears dropped. I was thinking how to tell her the suffering I have now. But she didn't answer. I cried.. I miss my mum.. ='( [gosh.. my tears are streaming right now as I wrote this!!] Then, I think of Janize! So yeah! Her mum came and picked me to clinic after picking her back from school. A big thank you!! And also thanks to Ivan Tang and Phaik Sun who give me support. That means a lot!! And the most important is THANKS GOD for sending these people to help me when I'm in the midst of suffering.

My words are limit and I didn't know how to express the feeling I have right now. Feel me, people. When people go sick, many thoughts flash into the minds. You will know when you're terribly sick and especially you're away from FAMILY and FRIENDS. You will think of the people you love, the people you miss, and how wish they are here to take care of you. I'm really thankful for all the helping. Please accept my thanksgiving!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I love what Chris shared with me just now!

Human's mind can only focus on one thing in one time.
Every second is counted..
So meaning that, if this second, you focus on God,
nothing will come to your mind in that particular second.
In other word,
will enter your thought in that second.

Listening Trust His Heart - Babbie Mason

Thanks God =)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

3rd Semester

It's 3rd semester now. Another year has whizzed past. I still remember the first day I stepped in UCSI University. Oh! It was miserable that I knew none of my coursemates that time. Pitiful huh? But now I'm glad to have many new + old friends in this school! Not seem like a stranger there anymore =) . Was so emo these few days, I thought what had happened the end of last year was vanishing in the thin air but somehow it still remains vividly. YEAP SHI YING, cheer up!! Aww, by the way, I miss hanging out with Penang friends! MISS MISS MISS!

This new semester is gonna be tough! Taking Physiological Psychology, Life Span, Psychology Research Method 1 and Introduction to Sociology. ALL THE BEST to myself!!

Photo taken during the second day of class
Above: XiaoHou . Chai . ChinEe. YongSim
Bottom: Abigail my twin. ME

Oh! This was Wilson's 24th birthday celebration on 3rd Jan!
The girls

Group photo
- Caffeinees -

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm late to wish you guys! Can I say busy again? =D
Have fun spending time in Penang with family and friends before new year!
During new year eve, BenJoon, Lyk, ZhenYi, JiaYik, YitChoong, MingYeong, Ivan, ChunYang and me celebrated in Queensbay then Egate. Back to KL on 2nd Jan. And yeah, I'm here.

The dai lou of kongsi gelap

ZhenYi, stare?
Lyk looked funny thou =P

Siao eh

Cover your head look more handsome =P

The gay
YitChoong, MingYeong

And yahhh, there was a concert is QB!

Bye 2009!!!
Hi 2010!!!

Let yell for the new year!!

Highlight of 2009
- Worked in Coffee Bean and
Be Smart Tuition Centre at the same time.
(2 part time job is not easy!!)
- Confessed something COOL! =D
- Went through Baptism (yahhh! AMEN!)
- Bought Sony DSLR camera
- Memorable 19th birthday
- Car accident!!!
- Photoshooting with Steve and KaySen
- Cried a lot before going to KL
- Study in UCSI, KL and leave everything in Penang.
- Got to know a lot of new friends in Cheras (school and church).
- Quarreled with roommate in hostel
- Somehow, enjoy the life in hostel
- Serve God in Cheras Baptist Church as vocalist
- Went through a relationship
- Hang out lots with heng dai (BenJoon, Lyk, YitChoong, MingYeong,..)

I thanks God for 2009 that truly makes me more closer to God and become more independent in term of everything. Gain a lot of life's experiences without bonding with my dear family. Even though I falter a lot of time, I'm always pulled up by God just like how a baby falls down and toddles again with the aid of parents. Ruminating what had happened last year, I personally think that it's tough. Getting into a new environment, new place, new faces, everything starts in 0 is not an easy task for me. I really appreciate what God has planned for me! =)