Monday, March 8, 2010


I already don't know who am I going to talk to
about my church things in KL.
It's so happen I touched the topic with her in Skype.
used to be good? yes.
used to argue? no.
friendship changed with no reason? yes.
two weeks ago, my friendship with him become normal like last time.
yes, I'm truly happy about that.
I have a Christian soulmate.
But last few days, I realise it's not.
everything is still the same......
just a mildly different that we can talk in facebook..
now, i feel like there is no one in kl church can be my non-hai-bye-friend.
how can this happen..
people, dont ask me why or who am i referring to.
tears, stop rolling down.


This blog is officially dead now!
So lazy to update. heh!
Passion of writing blog is gone!
But please dont stop visiting my page.
At least u guys will not forget my face!