Thursday, July 29, 2010


So many people passed away lately and I really wonder WHY..
And I talked to Adam and his lame/serious response really bless me! thank you!
He was just discussion this topic with the youth last Sunday.

Carmen: Bryan will be staying next door with me and Adam just beside Bryan
(follow Alphabetical order - A,B,C)
Wei Joe: No, you're wrong! Follow IC name and all the LEE are staying together.
Phoebe: No no no, follow baptism date.

Then, everyone start bising already.

Isn't it nice to see every Christian in heaven? How God arranges the "rooms"? I keep wondering WHY when I see people dying one by one. I'm not sure how true is the "new rooms" story in heaven but I know how great is our God! and heaven will be a very nice, peaceful, holy place to stay for eternal life!

Listening "I Know That My Redeemer Lives - Chris McClarney"
The only way to overcome
temptations that we face,
is to be focused on the Lord,
who strengthens by His grace - Sper

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Dad (Penang): Dinner?
Me (Cheras, KL): Not yet. Planning to eat bread later. Why? Want join me for dinner?
Dad: Take a flight back then join us for dinner lo.
Me: Waaa.. I very free hor? and you very rich hor?


B: Haha! your dad.. soooooooooo cute! =D
Me: My dad cute leh.. Like his daughter so cute!