Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tears dropped after seeing Boyfriend left. =(
so sad. =(
Gonna miss him so badly. =(
And, guess tomorrow will be one more round
when lovely mum drops me to bus station. =(

Forget the sad thing, and I wanna say ...

HAPPY half year anniversary for us
when the clock strikes twelve tonight.

Pantai Kerachut

Finally plan to Pantai Kerachut is succeed!
Love today! with Boyfriend, SzeYee and TzeSiong.
Hiking for 1 hour to reach the beach
Castle built
Fight with waves of water
Photo shoot
Water boat

Can't be able to upload the photo as I return Steve's camera cable already. I couldn't find the other cable in my house. So stay stun for the photos after I get back KL. Now, my shoulders are a lil bit pain due to sunburn. My skin turns to darkish red; face, arms, shoulders and even legs! WOOT. I REALLY LOVE TODAY! Less than 12 hours and I gonna go back to KL and start the new semester. I really wish to stay longer or even don't wanna go back. Can I? I better keep my Penang mood now and start the new journey again!

I thanks God that we have this wonderful and safe trip! YES!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Love Sunday! yahhh. I'm glad Boyfriend went to church with me today! And finally he absorbed the message of the sermon this morning! =D Spent the whole wonderful day with him. YEAH!
After church, we went
- Breakfast in Roti Bakar
- Phua Chu Kang the movie in Queensbay
- Lunch in AB Cafe
- Lepak at home/online/drama
- Dinner in Tan Jetty with family

The fish village

Lovely MUM

Da Ge

Er Ge and Wei Yee

Boyfriend and me

After we got home, I actually planed to watch Salt but plan changed to watch Paranoma Activity movie with Boyfriend and two brothers. The last part is scary! People, I recommend you to watch! Not a real story, so don't scare yourself off after watching it. But, have fun!

One sad news - 2 more days leaving Penang =(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Up and Down

Was enjoying the whole day with Boyfriend. Picked him from school, tea time in Secret Recipe, CrazyLove reading, Frisbee with the Inti gang and dinner.

While enjoying the luscious Cendol in I-Avenue, Abby my twin messaged me telling me result is out. CRAP! such a mismatch! Dinner was a little bit ruined. Gotta take SUP for the first time! Thanks ChinEe for helping me to check the result. And thanks Boyfriendfor being with me patiently.

I know God has His plan for me even though I got real mad at first. Knowing Him as my planner, He will never fail me. Boost about Him instead of my own. YAHHH, don't worry people, I'm good. Gonna enjoy gao gao for my holiday! Kick off the new semester! yesssss

What face is this?
Add oil?
Time to poo?

I thanks God for everything

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"Look alike" seems so common when people see the photos of me and him. Yesterday, in Connexion, MiaoCat (new comer) said we look alike. I thought only in photo, but in real we look alike too? eh? At the same time, my 2nd brother was there as well. Means three of us look alike huh? Boyfriend even asked "are you my sister?" -.-"'

First photo that people said we look alike

We love Minesweeper =D

Brother sister or boyfriend girlfriend?

Less than one week and I'm going back to KL already. How sad!? I wish to have long holiday, at least one month! Life in Penang is AWESOME! No worries for transport, no worries for food, no worries for EVERYTHING!

Time, please crawl slower!

New Blog

I decided to reactive my blog, therefore, the first to do is to renew the blog skin. No longer using the Classic/Complicated templates. Simple the best! yahhh.

Still enjoying very much with the moments spending in Penang. Non-stop activities keep rolling up. You can't imagine how wonderful my life is right now. =D