Sunday, October 31, 2010


Internship in Adventist Hospital will start on tomorrow!
GOOD LUCK to everyone and myself!
I'm quite scare/nervous/worry.
AHHHHH.. fight fight fight!
Hopefully tonight/tomorrow/tues won't get flood
like what is predicted according to news.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costume Party

Happy Halloween PEOPLE!
Yahhh.. Went to Costume Party in Connexion Penang. Guess what! I'm the Chun Li! woohoo! I didn't bring my camera as I forget to charge the battery. All the pictures were taken by boyfriend and Diana Hunt. I didn't get the pictures yet so I will upload the photos taken using webcam. Low resolution, I know. =D

boyfriend (Edward - Twilight)
ME (Chun Li - Street Fighter)
Bro (the Pirate)


My mama is currently having trip in China, I'm the maid at home now. OH!
Internship in Adventist Hospital is starting by tomorrow. Good luck to me!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Subway Fun

Hui Hong had 2 coupons which are BUY ONE FREE ONE breads in Subway. After I fetched HH, we waited boyfriend to come and meet us. Mincci Jie Jie asked boyfriend to help in designing the poster. Was so exhausted because need to edit here and there. Photoshop and edit, photoshop and edit. Three of us were too bored to wait Mincci Jie Jie saved the photos through MSN. I was lepak-ing in Facebook and saw twin was active in Facebook. She was FORTUNATE enough to be our candidate to be edited.

................ The product of our edition ...........







Abigail Loi VS Super Mushroom

Oh yeah! Laugh die us seriously!

Credit to us!
boyfriend . me . HuiHong

Me . HuiHong

boyfriend . ME

Yahhhh, love the night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Penang Life

Everyday just goes AWESOME for me with the days in PENANG! So many non stop activities for me to do. Let start with last Friday, the day I reached Penang.

- Frisbee with Connexion gang, my man, lyk and zhenyi
- Dinner in Roti Bakar (dating place with bf)
- Mcd

- Dim Sum with boyfriend, lyk, zhen yi
- PCGHS's Graduation Day of my man's sister
- Red Box (remind me of how I fall in love with you, B!)

- Church (I love your preaching, Matthew!)
- Lunch in Kim Gary with church members and my man (Glad you join us for church, B!)
- Frisbee with new friends, Connexion Penang and my man
(just like the life in KL, Frisbee every sun, AWESOME)
- Dinner with my man

- A simple day with Facial
- Meeting my man
- Dinner with family and my man in Tan Jetty
- Lepak in Penang Road
(So fun to play in playground. So cute to see my big bro play with the kiddo stuff! Nonstop laughters)

- Mama's cook as lunch with my man
- Child Eyes' Movie
- Shopping for formal wear
- Bought a love trademark
- Dinner with Diana, WeiYee, Atiqah, Julie, Jacqueline, Sexy and Li (Ladies' Night)


Symbolize me and you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You wouldn't know how much joy I have now! EXAM FINISH!!!! Guess this is my first time to put EXTRA efforts on exam. I hope the outcome will not disappoint me. Yahhhh.. So many things happened lately. Remember I fail my PTA exam? I pass the supplementary exam. THANKS GOD. 5 out of 16 people pass. The lecturer crazy right? For those who is going to retake this subject, JIA YOU!!! God has planned so much wonderful things for me.

I love what Mr. James said:

"F is not a FAILURE but is a FEEDBACK!"
How about A? A is ABNORMAL!"

haha! No doubt I have so much fun in Sociology of Family class. I love this class man! I acted as a Malay in talk show.

I'm FARA! haha!

And, I was once acted as Indian in Public Speaking class last year.

yi lek yi lek!
I memang SATU MALAYSIA huh?

I just browsed through my Facebook photos and all the recent memories flashed back into my mind. Had so much fun in this semester. As usual, PSYMASSLO gang that I love hanging out is a MUST! yahhh. We had great BBQ in my house before the Mid Term Exam, hectic life, started. So, this post is going to be VERY VERY VERY LONG! =D
The gang.
Spot the unusual people!
Shirley and Sherry!
Do join us often yea?

Dancing! =D
See how happy am I!

The black spectacles gang! =D
Me. Janize. XiaoHou. ChinEe.
Oh, about Janize! CONGRATULATION to be NON AVAILABLE! Stay sweet with you bbbiii!!

Also, I attended Christopher and Stephanie's wedding! It was my first time to attend wedding which is the same peer as me! CONGRATULATION!
Chris and Steph

Usher of the church wedding and the dinner wedding.
Me. Vincent

The twin of Philip ko!

I was "hired" as camera lady to capture the memorable moment of the proposal last year of Chris and Step. It was so adventurous! Wilson, Adrienne and I seemed like paparazzi and kept running around to stalk them. It was fun! Time flies! It had been one year ago and now they were married!

The proposal

Lovely couple!

Ahhh, and OOI JIA YIK my boyfriend came to find me too. He stayed here for six days. LOVE him! yahhhh. Spent so much wonderful time with him. I'm happy that he can mix well with my friends. Abigail, Chin Ee,... the coursemates, Wilson, Tim, Daryl, Philip.... the church members. Oh, we went to Look Out Point too. Thanks Wilson for fetching us.

Dennis, the daughter, Pam

Pretty Girl!!! =D

Yeah, and also my TWIN's birthday! Yahhhh. She is 22 now!!! 22222222222222! how old is she! haha! But no matter how old is she and how childish she acts, I still love her! haha. Now, she and my boyfriend are BROTHER from another mother! Glad that both of them can be so ngam key. Can you imagine they played Bingo using bus ticket when they waited me and Chin Ee for interview? So cute of them! ahh, and I got accepted by Recruit Express for internship but I rejected already. I got better offer in PENANG! =D


Abby, I presented "myself" for you. DO LOVE ME!


I also need to admit I'm old already. See the photo below!
So cute right! That's my nephew!!!

Ang gu gu~~~~~

Oh, for your information, I took Introduction of Advertising class this semester. That is my elective subject. My man OOI JIA YIK helped me to design logo of BE CHOCOLATE and advertisement of lipstick. He's so great right? =D
BE CHOCOLATE - make mouths happy

mark OOI JIA YIK? =D

His logo designed is officially used by DELL! Happy for him!

Great Place To Work - DELL

I'm proud of you! yahhhhh!

Wrote so long already. Time to stop and rest and enjoy my HOLIDAY!!!!!
Oh, I also got accepted by PENANG ADVENTIST HOSPITAL for my internship!
See you guys in PENANG!