Monday, November 29, 2010


It's almost ONE MONTH to work in Penang Adventist Hospital. WOOT! So fast! Busy with work but at the same time also enjoy the life! I'm glad to have Agi and Saran as my colleagues/classmates! Without them, my working life will be DULL!

Saran. me
Agi. me

And finally I used my Sony DSLR for photo shooting. Had not been using for some time. I was "hired" to be photography to shoot for Mincci my cousion's birthday. Now, I want to go for shooting so badly. boyfriend, Steve and KaySen, are you guys ready for trip coming up?

YeeMun, Mincci (birthday girl), the bro, Yee Hwa

Just upload this photo for random as I love this photo so much. It was Diana's birthday! Seem like new year picture!
Spot me!

I have so many activities that I did but without pictures, I cannot recall. Perhaps I'm to lazy to use my brain to think. weeee!

Another random picture!
yahhhh, me and boyfriend!

Coming up activities for work:
home visit -
presentation -
activity in House of Hope -
Fund raising in Bayan Lepas -
Christmas decoration -

Coming up activities for December:
Christmas!!! -
Photoshooting trip -
Design logo for aunt as diaper logo -
and more and more and more! -

Monday, November 1, 2010

Penang Adventist Hospital

Penang Adventist Hospital seems REALLY GOOD to me after attending the orientation for WHOLE DAY. Lots of presentation of the hospital such as history, mission, vision, values, finance, security, safety,.. a lot a lot a lot! There are more than 600 Adventist hospital in worldwide! NEVER KNOW NEVER KNOW! And, we had 1.5 hours tour in the hospital. NEVER KNOW the hospital is so huge!

So many facilities that I NEVER KNOW is existing in this hospital! MRI scan and C.T. scan, Dental Care Centre, Digestive and Liver Health Centre, Heart and Vascular Centre, Oncology Centre, Orthopaedics and Spine Centre,.. a lot a lot again!

I LOVE what they emphasis in this hospital:

Woot! Hope I will really learn things from the department of Medical Social Service!