Thursday, October 27, 2011


It was a COOL experience for me. Was nearly robbed last Wednesday, to be exact, I was actually robbed, just is an unsuccessful mission for the thief. Hui Yi and I was waiting Sim at the corner of Alliance Bank, Taman Connaught to ready for FRISBEE as celebration of Deepavali. Seeing Sim was walking toward our direction, we waved and talked. Suddenly, I felt a force grabbing my bag from the back and I managed to pull back. The man ran and rode off with his partner with motorcycle. DANG, it was robbery! I stunned for few seconds and when my soul returned, I looked at the motorcycle to see the plate number but in vain. What a brave thief! Even though I held my bag on my right shoulder with Hui Yi standing at my right side, the man was still daring to do the crime.

I thanks God nothing was lost. I had insomnia the night after that incident but fortunately I had good sleep last night. Just want to remind everyone to be EXTRA careful. Even though you are holding your bag tightly, even though you are with friends, even though you are in somewhere with people around, unexpected things will still happen. BE CAREFUL! Just look around no matter where and when, and be alert with the surrounding.

Thanks for friends who send me regard after knowing this incident. =)


Sze Yee ♥ said...

Shall be really really careful especially the place we're in.. =) KL is much more dangerous than Penang.. Take careeee!

Yeap Shi Ying (saix) said...

yahhh. i will. you take care too ok? ask Jia He to protect u! haha

AbigailLoi said...


Yeap Shi Ying (saix) said...

twin, be careful in kl!